Step 1: Belief

It’s not will I make a difference, but HOW will I make a difference?

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will!

Step 2: Energy

Be more dog!  Energy is a choice… so choose to be positive.

Step 3: The pursuit of excellence. 

Strive for excellence in everything you do.  The little things and the big things.

Step 4: Create WOW! experiences.

Leaders leave a lasting impression.  Find ways to WOW people.

(Rowena “Rowie” McEvoy)

Step 5: Have to courage to be the first. 

A movement of thousands is sparked by the actions of one.  Take initiative.

Step 6: Get to know yourself. 

Discover ‘your dance’: Red – passion, Blue – vision/dreams, Green – growth mindset, Yellow – acts of service, White – values and integrity.

Step 7: Share your dance with the world (and do it now!)

Steven Hall – Britain’s Got Talent 2011.

Step 8: If you’re not failing regularly, you’re not aiming high enough!  

The people who fail regularly are the ones that learn to succeed.

Step 9: Be disciplined. 

Keep showing up and stick at it.

Step 10: Take ACTION.

Don’t wait for someone to give you a badge or title.

And remember …

Leadership is any action that makes the world you touch a better place.