“While most of us may have joined Toastmasters to learn to make speeches, that benefit is but the beginning of the good which may come to us and the good which we may do for mankind.” 

Ralph Smedley

I enjoy reading quotes from Ralph Smedley because it gives me an understanding of why Toastmasters was ‘created’.  It is clear that Smedley saw Toastmasters as a place to learn and grow in a safe, enjoyable environment supported by like minded people who would provide valuable feedback. It is also clear that Smedley believed in the value of training.

Why I joined Toastmasters

My original reason for joining Toastmasters was to make new friends in a friendly environment. Education was far from my mind. However, I was soon motivated to work through the manuals and increase my public speaking skills. I enjoyed competing and even managed to compete in Table Topics at division level Leadership was far from my mind.

Toastmasters has challenged me and helped me to grow in skills and knowledge. Through the leadership training, I developed an interest in following a leadership path. A motivational speech by Mike Storkey was the key to my decision to run for district leadership. I have learnt the value of training.

Let’s grow quality…

It is inspiring to see the growth and development of so many members resulting from the Toastmasters education program. Quality clubs provide the best opportunity for members to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. How do we achieve quality clubs? By participating fully in the education and training that is readily available.

TALK UP TRAINING to your members. Encourage every member of your club to participate in club officer training. Help your club to SHINE this year by aiming for participation by 100% of club officers in 100% of clubs.

This year, I want to Talk Up Training

I want every member to experience the benefits of training, whether it be for personal growth or for the growth of your club. Our goal is to offer quality training that is beneficial to all members.

As we move into the new Toastmasters year, I urge every member to take advantage of the club officer training that is available online and at face to face training days.

This is your opportunity to network with other Toastmasters, gain new ideas for your club and learn how you can contribute to making your club exceptional.

A healthy club is one where everything is functioning correctly.

Barbara Nielsen, PQD