Attending club officer training is an integral part of the club leadership experience. By attending training, you will have the opportunity to develop real-world leadership skills, form support networks with your peers, and take away knowledge and ideas which can help you succeed in your role.

District 69 offers two rounds of training for club officers every year, in June-August and November-February. Club leaders are strongly encouraged to attend sessions in both rounds in order to gain the most for yourself in terms of skills, ideas, and networking.

Members may also attend these sessions in order to learn more about leadership, as well as any future club roles they are considering nominating for.

Participating in training also helps your club to achieve its Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals for the year.


The following information is relevant for club leaders for 2020-21:


  • Following the success of Round 1, ALL club officer training this round will also be conducted online via the District’s Zoom platform.
  • Sessions will be offered across a range of weekdays, weeknights and weekends in January and February. No additional sessions will be offered this round.
  • NOTE: Previously scheduled November 2020 dates have been deferred to January 2021
  • Training content will focus on critical knowledge areas to support club leaders such as membership building, growing leaders, and club quality, and also includes breakout sessions for each individual officer role.
  • Sessions will be 3 hours in length, comprising 1 hour of role-specific breakouts plus 2 hours of common/plenary content. The content and running order will be the same for each session.

DCP Credit Requirements

  • To qualify for DCP training credit for this round of training, at least 4 club leaders must complete the equivalent of an entire 3 hour session, including a 1 hour breakout for their specific role.
  • Club officers can meet the 3 hours requirement in one block or in several shorter blocks to a total of 3 hours training.
  • Members who hold several club officer roles need to attend additional breakouts so that they are trained in each club role they hold. If they hold the same officer role in more than one club, they only have to attend that specific breakout once.
    • Example A: A member who is a Treasurer in one club needs to attend a 1 hour breakout for their role, plus complete 2 hours common/plenary content in order to receive DCP credit
    • Example B: A member who is a President of two clubs only needs to attend a 1 hour President breakout session once, plus complete 2 hours common/plenary content to receive DCP credit
    • Example C: A member who is a Secretary and a President across one or more clubs needs to attend a 1 hour Secretary breakout session, plus a 1 hour President breakout session, plus complete 2 hours common/plenary content to receive DCP credit

Calendar / Registration

The calendar below outlines the available training sessions you can attend.
Register for sessions by clicking on your preferred session time from the list and completing your registration details.

Pre-Reading Materials

Prior to attending training, read through the Toastmasters International summary document for your role below in order to maximise your learning from the session.

You can also read through more detailed descriptions of each role in the Club Leadership Handbook (starting from pg. 22).