Club Officer Training


Attending club officer training is an integral part of the club leadership experience. By attending training, you will have the opportunity to develop real-world leadership skills, form support networks with your peers, and take away knowledge and ideas which can help you succeed in your role.

District 69 offers two rounds of training for club officers every year, in June-August and November-February. Club leaders are strongly encouraged to attend sessions in both rounds in order to gain the most for yourself in terms of skills, ideas, and networking.

Members may also attend these sessions in order to learn more about leadership, as well as any future club roles they are considering nominating for.

Participating in training also helps your club to achieve its Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals for the year.

Information for Round 1 (June – July 2021)

The following information is relevant for Club Officer Training (COT) for 2021-2022:


  • Following the success of online training over the last 2 years, ALL club officer training this round will also be conducted online via the District’s Zoom platform.
  • Training events will be offered across a range of weeknights and weekends in June and July. No additional COT events will be offered this round.
  • Training content will focus on critical knowledge areas to support club leaders such as membership building, growing leaders, club quality, and also includes breakout modules for each individual officer role.
  • Weeknight COT events will be 3 hours in length, comprising 1 hour of role-specific breakouts for all 7 club officer roles, plus 2 hours of your choice of several plenary modules, finishing with a common module to tie it all together. The content and running order will be the same for each weeknight COT event.
  • An improvement this year is that weekend COT events will be 4 hours in length, comprising the same first 3 hours as the 3 hour weeknight events, followed by an optional extra 1 hour of  role-specific breakouts for all 7 club officer roles, aimed at those who require training in more than one type of club officer role. If you only have one club officer role you need to attend, you can optionally choose to leave after completing the first 3 hours of this 4 hour COT event. However, if you need to complete 2 different types of roles, you can complete both by attending just a single weekend 4 hour COT event

DCP Credit Requirements

  • To qualify for DCP training credit for this round of training, at least 4 or the 7 club officers must complete the equivalent of an entire 3 hour event, including the 1 hour breakout for their specific club officer role.
  • Club officers can meet the 3 hour requirement in one block (by attending a full evening event or 3 hours of a 4 hour weekend event) or in several shorter blocks to a total of 3 hours training.
  • Members who hold the same type of club officer role in more than one club, (e.g., they are Secretary in 2 clubs) only have to attend that role breakout once, not multiple times.
  • Members who hold several different types of club officer roles in 1 or more clubs (e.g., they are VPM as well as VPPR in the same or a different club, or they are both Secretary and Treasurer) need to attend an extra 1 hour of the role-specific breakout for each additional type of club officer role they hold. That extra hour can be achieved by the 4th hour of a 4-hour weekend training event, so you get both 2 club officer roles marked as completed by attending the one 4 hour event. Alternatively, you could attend a full 3 hour evening event as well as another 1 hour officer breakout on a different evening or weekend COT event.

    Example A: A member holds one club officer role in one club. They can attend either:
    a full 3 hour evening event; or
    3 hours of a 4 hour weekend event; or
    Some other combination of the club officer 1 hour breakout plus 2 hours of plenary modules spread across several COT event dates.

    Example B: A member who is the same club officer role in two or more clubs (such as President of two clubs) can fulfil the role attendance requirements for all of those clubs by attending 3 hours the same as Example A above.

    Example C: A member who is two different types of club officer roles (such as both Secretary and Treasurer, or both VPM and VPPR) across one or more clubs needs 1 hour for each officer role breakout, plus the 2 hours of plenaries, for a total of 4 hours of COT attendance. This can be achieved by either:
    a 4 hour weekend COT event, with the 2 different officer roles being in the first & last hour of those 4 hours; or
    a 3 hour evening COT event, plus another 1 hour of the role breakout for the officer type not already attended on one of the other COT event dates.

    Example D: A member who holds more than 2 different types of club officer roles (such as Secretary / Treasurer/SAA) needs an extra 1 hour officer breakout module for each 3rd or more type of club officer role the member holds, over and above what is shown in Example C above.

Calendar / Registration

The calendar below outlines the available training COT events you can attend.
Register for events by clicking on your preferred event from the list and completing your registration details.
[See the list of dates/times & pre-registration links in the other document.]

Club Officer Training June-July 2021

Typical 3-hour COT Session Agenda

Role Breakout: 55 mins All 7 Club Officer Roles (all run simultaneously)

Elective 1a:   25 mins Educational Program basics OR Elective 1b:   25 mins Marketing / Attracting Guests

Elective 2a:   25 mins Pathways Basecamp Manager OR Elective 2b:   25 mins Enhancing Club Quality

Elective 3a:   25 mins Building a Healthy Team OR Elective 3b:   25 mins Member Engagement & Retention

Core Topic:   25 mins Club DCP Goals & Club Success Plan

Note:  On Saturdays & Sundays, a 4th hour will be added at the end, which will be a repeat of the 7 Club Officer Roles, for those who need to complete more than one of these across their club(s).

COT Round 1 Sessions in June-July 2021


Session 1:    12/6/2021 Saturday 1pm – 5pm (4hrs, including all officer roles twice)

Session 2:    14/6/2021 Monday 6pm – 9pm (3hrs, including all officer roles once)

Session 3:    16/6/2021 Wednesday 6pm – 9pm (3hrs, including all officer roles once)

Session 4:    20/6/2021 Sunday 8:30am – 12:30pm (4hrs, including all officer roles twice)


Session 5:    18/7/2021 Sunday 1pm – 5pm (4hrs, including all officer roles twice)

Session 6:    20/7/2021 Tuesday 6pm – 9pm (3hrs, including all officer roles once)

Session 7:    22/7/2021 Thursday 6pm – 9pm (3hrs, including all officer roles once)

Session 8:    24/7/2021 Saturday 8:30am – 12:30pm (4hrs, including all officer roles twice)

TI Website for New COT Materials & Information

Subject Synopses for Each COT Agenda Item

All 7 Club Officer Roles

Seven separate role-specific breakout rooms for the Club Officer Roles, all run simultaneously:

  • President
  • Vice-President of Education (VPE)
  • Vice-President of Membership (VPM)
  • Vice-President of Public Relations (VPPR)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA)

Each role will also include a brief demonstration of relevant sections of the Club Central part of the Toastmasters International website.

Educational Program Basics

If a guest sits next to you at a club meeting and asks general questions about the Toastmasters Education Program (Pathways), it would not be the best guest experience if your answer is “I don’t know, ask the VPE.” This session will allow you to give useful answers to common questions, no matter what role you are in the club.

Pathways Basecamp Manager

Especially for club Presidents, VPEs, and Secretaries, but useful for anyone who wants to know more about how to manage Pathways Basecamp, and the process from members completing their projects through to being recognised officially for their education awards.

Marketing / Attracting Guests

Especially for club VPPRs, but every officer, as well as every member, should know how to attract guests to their club.

Member Engagement & Retention

There’s no point attracting guests if your current members are all leaving because they are not enjoying and gaining benefit from their membership. This session discusses how to achieve that.

Enhancing Club Quality

What’s involved in a quality club? Take away ideas that might help your club achieve this.

Building a Healthy Team

Discuss how each individual role in the club contributes to the club’s overall success by working together as a team.

Club DCP Goals & Club Success Plan

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) is one way that Toastmasters International recognises and rewards clubs for fulfilling their duty to support their members. This is aided by your own club’s individual Club Success Plan.

COT Session Registration Links

After registering for any of these 8 sessions, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining that particular meeting.

Session 1

When: Jun 12, 2021 01:00 PM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:

Session 2

When: Jun 14, 2021 06:00 PM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:

Session 3

When: Jun 16, 2021 06:00 PM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:

Session 4

When: Jun 20, 2021 08:30 AM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:

Session 5

When: Jul 18, 2021 01:00 PM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:–przktE9SsbI4dzMZN8ZIo6cqwkX-v

Session 6

When: Jul 20, 2021 06:00 PM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:–rqDguGdM7H4qJHeqPzapizDaLuJSH

Session 7

When: Jul 22, 2021 06:00 PM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:

Session 8

When: Jul 24, 2021 08:30 AM Brisbane

Register in advance for this meeting:–qqzIiG9Src5zH8fVYGdem1DHxLGrE

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