Aro Kia, nominating for Papua New Guinea (PNG) Division Governor

Charlie Starrett and Aro Kia in recruiting mode.

Charlie Starrett and Aro Kia in recruiting mode.

I joined Toastmasters in September, 2011 and got nominated and elected as Westpac Vaigana Toastmasters Club President from September, 2011 to June, 2012.

That same year I was then nominated and elected for Area 38 Governor from July 2012 to current where my term will end June, 2014 (2 years).

The reason why I am nominating for the PNG Division Governor is the experience that I have gained in my role as the Area Governor. The skills leant have equipped me to a level where I can provide assistance and deliver guidance, coaching and mentor the upcoming new Area Governors for PNG.

The other most important reason is the contacts and relationships that I have established over the two years with the public. These relationships have turned out to be potential clubs and members; I therefore want to continue onto seen these companies chartering new clubs and the individuals signing on as members.

As PNG Toastmasters is only young and the market is growing we need someone with experience in the leadership role, who is able to make time available for the people and see them enhance their communication and leadership skills.

And I believe I can provide that leadership.