Division Director

The formation of divisions is optional. Divisions must have at least three areas.

Each division has a Director, responsible for supervising activities within the division. The Division Director, who is elected, works under the supervision of the District Director.

As Division Director, your job is to lead and support the division through the supervision and support of the Area Directors.

One of your primary goals as Division Director is to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members.

To achieve this, you coordinate division activities, set division goals, and assist in the training of area and club leaders.

The purpose of the division is to provide district support and resources to clubs and members through Area Directors, aid in administration, assist in the presentation of speech contests, assist with training area and club leaders, help clubs and areas achieve Distinguished goals.

Division council members are the Division Director, Assistant Division Director Program Quality, Assistant Division Director Club Growth, and Area Directors within the division. Voting delegates at the division council meeting are the Division and Area Directors, and the Division Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents Education, who may send a proxy.

The division council manages division activities, facilitates the achievement of club, area, division, and district goals, and helps with administrative activities, such as divi­sion contests, meetings, and training. It functions to advise the division, assist with the achievement of a club, area, division, and district objectives and assist with division contests, meetings, and training.

The division council meets at least twice each year. Meetings are conducted in-person when practicable. The Division Director notifies attendees at least four weeks before each meeting.

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