Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

Toastmasters celebrates its 90th anniversary at a time when it has grown to 96 Districts world-wide. Let’s also pause to recognise and celebrate the 43 years of District 69. We commenced with 24 clubs and now our District has 185 clubs.

Just how has our District grown to 185 clubs of 3700 plus members with prospective clubs registered and more interested parties keen to join us in Toastmasters?

Over the years hard working District Executives and Club Executives have encouraged members to strive for personal achievements as well as encouraging expansion of Toastmasters in D69 by the chartering of new clubs.

On the 8th November District 69 held its Semi-annual Council meeting at Southport. While we were pleased that about 90 members attended, and we welcomed many Area Governors, it was disappointing that Presidents and Vice Presidents Education of the clubs, those with voting power, didn’t attend and many didn’t submit proxy votes. We lacked a quorum to support the direction and decision making of the District.

Working from the Core Values of Toastmasters your District Executive, including Area and Division Governors, aims again to leave the District stronger than when they gained office. We need team work, dedication and a sense of humour to throw at this challenge.

On the 1st July we took up the favourite chorus of not only more clubs but stronger clubs and added “give recognition where due”.   We are positive about a rosy picture for the year ahead. Great results are starting to show.

As is the final Corroboree of 2014. My wish is that you and your families have a most enjoyable and safe break. Step back from Toastmasters commitments. Freshen up. When you come back re-energized be ready to go; Division Conferences will be on the door step and the District 69 Convention shortly after in May.   Area Governors will free which to direct their energies towards promoting new clubs within their Areas.

As we celebrate 90 years of Toastmasters and 43 years of District 69, please remember we achieved what we have achieved through teamwork and applying the Core Values of Toastmasters. Continuing in this vein will ensure a positive year for District 69 and rewarding times for all of us into the future.

Ian Pinker DTM/ District 69 Governor