To all Presidents and Secretaries of District 69 clubs

The new Toastmasters year is just around the corner and your club should be preparing to conduct club officer elections at your first meeting in May.

Let’s encourage your new executive officers to ‘hit the ground running’, after all, our clubs deserve to have a successful year, one that allows all of the members to achieve their goals and truly shine in District 69.

We will be running ‘face to face’ Club Leadership Training across the District and there’s more! But more about that later.

To give all our Club Executive Officers the opportunity to attend training we need to know who they are.

This is where we need your HELP!

After your club conducts the election of its office bearers and you have registered the new executive team on the Toastmasters International website, would you please let us know the names, roles and email addresses of the incoming team? Thanks in advance for being AWESOME and helping us out.

Please report the names and email addresses of your new club executive to your Division Director.

Brisbane Division Clubs – Jenny Bostock –

Central Division Clubs – Marietta Wetzig –

Eastern Division Clubs – Kate Norris –

Moreton Division Clubs – Rod Luck –

Northern Division Clubs – Heather Bruce –

Papua New Guinea Division Clubs – Jayaprasad Ramakrishna –

Southern Division Clubs – Yvonne Selleck –

Western Division Clubs – Carolyn Becker –

Our quality presenters are ready to go and we encourage each of your incoming club officers and your members also,  to attend our first round of Club Leadership Training.

It’s your year to Shine in District 69!

kind regards,

Alana Beale DTM
Program Quality Director District 69
Toastmasters International