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Keys to fulfilling your Club Mission

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

 Grow with new members and support your members. To achieve this every club member takes responsibility for offering others the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters educational program. We do this by focussing on the critical success factors in our clubs and district educational and membership goals. No matter how clever we are as individuals, how impeccable our attention to detail in following broad and narrow guidelines of our organisation or how earnestly we hope for a successful future, if our culture is poor we fulfil the parable of ‘Casting Seeds upon Stony Ground’.

All the wonderful promises of a wave of new members entering our organisation will be unfulfilled if they are left to grow on an unwelcome or underprepared social landscape: they will wither and drop away.

  • Establish clear measurable goals. Clubs come alive as collectives of individuals striving – in harmony – for a variety of group and individual goals. For a club to prosper it must have ‘generous and dynamic culture’ that:
    • Communicates freely and with purpose
    • Respects each individual
    • Values ideas
    • Promotes excellence in performance and learning
    • Shares knowledge
    • Accepts and learns from failure
    • Tolerates and manages risk
    • Understands its past and prepares and plans for the future
    • Enjoys its activities and promotes happiness.

Set your club goals around your club needs and culture. Whether it is constantly generous and dynamic is up to the members involved. A quality club environment is the single most important factor in membership retention. Quality meeting are essential for building and maintaining members. The secret is in planning. Planning in which every member has the chance to learn, grow, achieve and have fun.

 Upcoming important Club deadlines


March Membership Madness – have your club membership paid by 31st March to be in the draw for the District rewards.

March 31st ‘Talk up Toastmasters’ membership building contest ends.

Publicize the upcoming District Conference to your members, encourage participation.

Collect and submit membership-renewal dues.


1st April – Due: Membership-renewals

10th April – Membership-renewal due for credit in the Distinguished Club Program.

Report the results of the ‘Talk up Toastmasters!’ membership building contest.


1st May Start: ‘Beat the Clock’ membership building contest

2-3rd May District 69 Conference


Joe Abbott

D69 Lt Governor Marketing 2014-15

A career in communications?

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Writers, editors, communications designers…a great opportunity

 Do you hanker to get your words in print or do you have a flair for creative design & communication? Here’s a great opportunity for you.
 District 69 is looking for an editor for Corroboree. There are great possibilities to develop the style, format and content of Corroboree.
 Corroboree is our D69 Newsletter that helps keep us all informed about Toastmaster upcoming events, priorities and happenings across the District.
 You will need passion and a flair for the written word as well as a good eye for details such as grammatical correctness, spelling, typographical errors, stray apostrophes and the like.
Basic computer literacy is required.
 You’ll need to be able to dedicate about 5 hours every two months to the task.
 Please contact your fearless leader, District Governor Ian Pinker, with your expression of interest before April 15 2015.

Townsville City Council is TERRIFIC too!

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

An omission is brought to light.

I wish to acknowledge that Townsville City Council Club has also already achieved 7 of the 10 goals needed to achieve distinction. I apologise sincerely to all the members for omitting this from my Corroboree report as this achievement is certainly noteworthy and adds significantly to this Club’s many achievements and their contribution to the strength of our wonderful D69.

Well done and thank you.

Kind regards

Christine Lennon DTM

+61409646488 +61755748777

Toastmasters – Where Leaders are made

District 69 Lt. Gov. Education and Training 2014-15

Bate at the heart of the G20

Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Phillip Bate DTM at the G20 in Brisbane.

Phillip Bate DTM at the G20 in Brisbane.


The G20 Summit provided Chelmer Speakers President Phillip Bate DTM who is a journalist in his other life outside of Toastmasters, with a wonderful opportunity to watch some of the world’s best communicators and/or politicians ‘strut their stuff’. Phillip was in the thick of it in the media room.

Phillip told the Corroboree Editor that “As a Media volunteer I also had the privilege to mingle with other volunteers including many impressive Gen Y ‘up and coming’ graduates and under-graduates in the arts/law field.”

 Phillip was impressed by how energetic, confident and outgoing they were. He said, “Why can’t they be like we were: inarticulate and imperfect in every way. Oh what’s the matter with kids today?”

“I See Something In You!”

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

A leader sees the potential in others and actively encourages them to develop; helping them to step outside their comfort zone into challenging roles where they can grow.imagesCART3QFN

Perhaps you know a fellow Toastmaster who would benefit from taking on a leadership role in Toastmasters?

 In the words of Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, current World Champion of Public Speaking, have you told them “I see something in you”?

 Often we don’t see ourselves as leaders so we don’t hold up our hands for a leadership role. It takes that encouragement from someone else, who can see our potential, for us to step up and discover skills that we never knew we had. Skills that can be life changing.

 Nominations for the district leader roles for the 2015-16 yearclose on Friday 6 February.

These roles are:

 ·      Area Director

·      Division Director

·      District Trio roles: Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, District Director

These roles are exciting, challenging and inspiring and offer the chance to grow hands-on leadership skills in a safe environment.

Encourage potential leaders around you to grow their skills by nominating for a District 69 leadership role. Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made.

Marilyn Freeman DTM, IPDG

Chairman, District 69 Nominating Committee 2014-15




Masterclass with a world champion in a world-class setting

Monday, November 24th, 2014
Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Jock Elliott

Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Jock Elliott

In June 2015, lucky Toastmasters will have the opportunity for the speaking holiday of a lifetime: a masterclass session with Jock Elliott  followed by Speaking Competitions held in the stunning location of Norfolk Island is on offer a small group of Toastmasters from District 69, District 70 and District 72.  What an opportunity.

Click the link for more details and information on how to book or find out more.

Flyer-Norfolk Speak Easy Group-June2015(Print)

Succession Planning

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Organisations know that losing effective leaders or managers with their experience, product knowledge and contacts can have a big impact on the company’s performance.Succession Plan

They also know that, for various reasons such as career advancement, health, retirement, people will leave and take their skills and knowledge with them.

This is why organisations make Succession Planning a vital part of the management process.

In Toastmasters, where we replace all our leaders every year – from the club level right through to the international board, succession planning becomes even more vital. Often we only have one year in which to learn our role and achieve the required goals. Then suddenly we are handing over to our successor!

We don’t want to be scrabbling at the end of our term, desperate to find someone, anyone, who will take on the job. What we do want is to know that the effort we’ve put in can and will be built on by our successor.

So when should we start looking for our successor? Well, the best time to plan who will be your successor is even before you take over the role. Look at those around you – ‘what do you see in them’ in terms of leadership ability. Often others don’t see themselves as leaders; don’t recognise their own skills or abilities and therefore don’t consider taking on a leadership role.

When we recognise others’ skills, tell them what we see and ask if they would consider being an assistant or chairing a committee, it can open a path they haven’t considered.

It also means you can start to develop their knowledge and understanding about your role; show them what a wonderful support team there is; show them that you can have fun in a leadership role. Then, when it comes time to find a successor they are less likely to be daunted or frightened by it.

Do you have a succession plan in place? Have you involved a number of potential leaders in your team and asked them to take on a role as your assistant or asked them to chair a project or committee?

Congratulations if you have – this is wonderful leadership. If not, can we encourage you to give it serious thought. As Area or Division Governor you probably have specific goals you want to achieve – this could be membership growth, clubs back to charter strength, new club opportunities. Being your assistant, or chairing a committee which tackles a specific goal, allows a fellow Toastmaster to play a vital part in the Area or Division’s success as well as become familiar with your role!

The District Nominating Committee will be calling for nominations for Area, Division and District roles between November 2014 and February 2015. Who will build on your hard work?

Marilyn Freeman

Chairman – D.69 Nominating Committee 2014-15

Semi Annual Conference Awards

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Area Governor of the Year 2013-2014 Kevin Croft

Area Governor of the Year 2013-2014 Kevin Croft


Toastmaster of the Year 20123-2014 Barry Fuller

Toastmaster of the Year 20123-2014 Barry Fuller

November Shoutout

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Here’s the link to our District Governor’s shoutout about clubs, indivuduals and officers who have contributed signficantly or made great strides since the last Corroborree.


THE VOICE OF THE BONSAI – A Conversation on Leadership

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Toastmasters has, since it began, taken individuals and made them both different and better. It is an organization which has as its primary purpose, this commitment to personal development.

 In 2005 I joined this remarkable organisation, and I have been on many journeys including becoming World Champion of Public Speaking in 2009. On that journey, I honed my writing and speaking skills. These I blended with a passion for raising bonsais as a hobby to write my first book, THE VOICE OF THE BONSAI – A Conversation on Leadership.This book analyses nine leadership behaviours from the perspective of the relationship between the Bonsai Master and his/her trees.

 bONSAIEach behaviour is treated in four ways; The Conversation, The Learning, The Stories, and The Exercise.

 The Conversation is between the Master and the Bonsai as they share their thinking about what it is to be the Mater, and what it is to be the Bonsai. I have used my speech writing skills developed in Toastmasters to write this conversation. These conversations have also been recorded on a CD.

 The Learning is the section in which I call upon my 30 years as a leader. This leadership was realized in schools, on Boards and as a leader in our organization and in the disability sector. The purpose of this section of each chapter is to develop and challenge the reader’s thinking about the leadership behaviour that is the focus of that chapter.

 As Toastmasters we know the value of storytelling.  I have used this important genre to support the learning that is the focus of the chapter. By using Stories primarily from my school leadership position, I have sought to develop a deeper understanding on the chapter topic. 

 The final section is The Exercise. I have always identified primarily as an educator – a teacher, and so I could not let the opportunity go to have readers interact with the focus of the chapter by asking them to think on their own behaviours.

Mark Hunter ATMs World Champion of Public Speaking District 69 Chief Ambassador

Mark Hunter ATMs
World Champion of Public Speaking
District 69 Chief Ambassador

 While there are many books written on the subject of leadership, this book is innovative in its approach, calling upon both my leadership experience and my experience as a speaker.

 We are all leaders in this organization of ours. This book may support you in your leadership journey.

 The launch of this book will be on the 3rd of August on the Gold Coast. Numbers are limited so let me know early should you wish to attend.

 Both the book and the CD are now available, and can be obtained by contacting Mark on  .