The Eastern Division of District 69, is diverse and quite spread out (within a city) covering a large area from Bulimba in the north to Beaudesert in the South, Wynnum in the east to Kenmore in the west. The Division has 6

Hedda Pike ACG/ALB  Eastern Division Governor 2014/15

Hedda Pike ACG/ALB
Eastern Division Governor 2014/15

Areas and 28 Clubs. Eastern has so many talented and dedicated members. Hopefully 2 new clubs will be in formation before the end of the Toastmaster year.

The Area Governors did a fabulous job with their Conferences. A huge congratulation from all in Eastern to Adi Strickland, John Hutchins, Mark Griffin, Nina Brittan, Roni Harvey and Val Broady. The Area Conferences produced diverse and wonderful speeches by very talented people. Expect sparks to fly! The contest battle is scheduled at Eastern Division Conference, 14 March 2015.

Our first Club Officer Training held in July saw 127 members attending: a huge success. I encouraged everyone with a story about one of my heroes, Capt. Charles Plumb. This man suffered unspeakable horrors as a prisoner of war, for almost 7 years. Released, a broken man, while recovering he encountered a fellow sailor. That changed his life. The fellow sailor was the man who packed his parachute….. the parachute that saved his life when his aircraft was shot down over north Vietnam. Charles turned his life around and started travelling all over the United States, raising money for veterans and speaking on the subject of “Who Packs Your Parachute”? I asked the delegates, “Whose parachute do you pack”? Not only in our private and working lives, but especially in our Toastmaster lives Toastmasters can become parachute packers in our clubs. This mean to help each other by being the best we can be, helping new members with orientation into Toastmaster ways, helping older members to set new goals, coaching members to take up a Committee role to serve their clubs.   What about the challenge of moving out from your club by packing coaching parachutes. We all know clubs that are languishing and need an injection of enthusiasm and refreshment.

C’mon fellow Toastmasters. Take up the challenge and become parachute a packer for others.

Hedda Pike ACG/ALB