Club Officer Resources

There are seven club executive positions, President, Vice- President Education, Vice- President Membership, Vice- President Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. These roles are elected positions for the financial year July to June. See Page 76-78 in your CC manual, Paragraph Your Club’s Leadership.

In summary:

  • President: the captain of the ship, leading the club
  • Vice- President Education: organises the meeting agendas
  • Vice- President Membership: looks after guests until they join as members
  • Vice- President Public Relations: lets the community know about the club
  • Secretary: looks after incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Treasurer: looks after paying bills and receiving money
  • Sergeant at Arms: prepares the venue and ensures the meeting starts on time


Each club officer role has a dedicated page with resources you can use while performing the role.

Click to read Club Leadership Handbook.

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