What’s the scoop on your group?


Download the PDF – Scoop your Group exercise


Club Meetings

  1. Is your meeting location conveniently located, accessible and user friendly?
  2. Are the program and agenda publicized, via email or website?
  3. Do club meetings start and end on time?
  4. Does the club president follow the pre-printed agenda?
  5. Does every member wear a name badge and membership pin?
  6. Are all guests and members warmly greeted at the door and feel welcomed?
  7. Are all guests introduced to others?
  8. Is there a friendly atmosphere during the meeting?
  9. Is the meeting environment comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable?
  10. Is your club meeting place easy to find, with signs posted?
  11. Is the cost of meals reasonable?
  12. Is the Toastmasters International Catalogue displayed at meetings?
  13. Is the business meeting conducted quickly and efficiently?
  14. Are programs interesting and varied?
  15. Are speakers, evaluators and other meeting members aware of responsibilities?
  16. Are speeches well prepared and based on manual or projects?
  17. Are evaluations positive, helpful and constructive?
  18. Is everyone given an opportunity to participate in the program?
  19. Are your officers effective in their roles as leaders?
  20. Do officers report on the clubs progress in the DCP?


If not – Do you want to make suggestions for improvement? 





  1. Does your club set a membership goal each year?
  2. Do your leaders maintain “member services” perspective?
  3. Does your club have membership drives and promote its meetings?
  4. Does you club participate in TM membership building programs?
  5. After the meeting, are guests invited to join the club?
  6. Are new members oriented to TM program after joining?
  7. Are new members reported to World Headquarters to receive membership?
  8. Are new members assigned a mentor?
  9. Are new members scheduled to speak soon after joining?
  10. Are new members assigned meeting roles soon after joining?
  11. Are new members formally inducted and given a membership certificate, badge?
  12. Is your club free of an absentee problem?
  13. Does a member contact those who miss more than one meet and encourage them to attend on a regular basis?
  14. Are all members assigned to a club committee?
  15. Is your club free of members who disrupt meetings and have a negative influence on meetings and members?
  16. Are members recognised during meetings for outside accomplishments and contributions?


If not, Do you have some suggestions for improvement? 





Educational Activities

  1. Does your club begin each meeting by reading the Mission Statement?
  2. Does your club provide opportunities for speaking outside the club?
  3. Does your club regularly conduct programs from the Better Speaker Series, Leadership Excellence and Successful Club Series?
  4. Are members encouraged to visit other Toastmasters clubs?
  5. Does your club enjoy occasional joint meetings with other clubs?
  6. Does your club encourage members to attend area, division, district, regional and international functions?
  7. Do you know the value of and requirements for the various educational awards?
  8. Does your club display wall charts for the programs?

If not, Do you have suggestions for improvement?





  1. Do you have a club newsletter or Web site?
  2. Does your club take advantage freetoasthost.org to create Web site?
  3. Do you have a formal and impressive installation for club officers?
  4. Are you encouraged to attend your executive committee meetings?
  5. Are you familiar with the proxy your club receives each March?
  6. Does the club treasurer begin collecting October and April dues early and give members plenty of reminders about the due dates?
  7. Do your officers thoroughly understand their responsibilities and do them?
  8. Are members encouraged to assume leadership roles in the club?

If not, What do you suggest we do to improve?