Fellow Toastmasters,


There are several clubs in need of some support. I am looking for a few volunteers to be club coaches. In particular, I would like some of the many DTM’s in the district to consider using your skills acquired through your Toastmasters journey to give back to the district. 

As clubs are entitled to 2 club coaches, you may consider working with a less experienced Toastmaster who wants to develop skills as a coach. 

To be a club coach:

  • You need to have a genuine desire to assist the club to rebuild membership and the quality of their meetings so the membership retention is strong. 
  • Build a rapport with club leaders and members 
  • Observes and analyse the club environment, then assist the club in generating solutions
  • Help the club develop a plan with goals for improvement
  • Enable the club to achieve goals. 
  • Instil enthusiasm, fidelity a sense of responsibility for the club’s future 

To qualify as a club coach:

  •  Coaches are Toastmasters who are not members of the struggling club and are not currently familiar with the club or its members.  
  • This outsider perspective allows the coaches to view the club objectively.  
  • Although coaches can’t be members of the club at the time of appointment, they may join the club after being assigned. 
  • District 69 expects that club coaches will have been members of Toastmasters for at least 2 years and have achieved CL and CC in the traditional programme or completed at least level 2 in Pathways

The additional bonus of being a successful club coach is that you may complete a project towards your ALS or Pathway. You will also gain the satisfaction of assisting your fellow Toastmasters in their time of need. 


Barbara Nielsen

Club Growth Director