Does your club need new timing lights? Check out these amazing lights produced by long-term Toastmaster, John Hill. Click any of the photos below to see a larger pic.

This photograph shows three units at the various stages of lighting. The green light (on the left of the pic) is pictured with Speech Contest Guard installed.

This photograph shows the location of Yellow or Amber light and Speech Contest guard removed for club meetings. This guard is shown with location pins which match holes in base of light.

This picture shows the position of the red light and the switch positions i.e. 4 positions:

  • White position – OFF
  • Green position – Green Light
  • Yellow position – Yellow Light
  • Red position-  Red Light.
  • Knob on right of 4 position switch is used for Brightness and turns to right for maximum brightness and to left for minimum, this reduces battery drain.

The unit uses 4 x  AA batteries in base.

The Cost is $70.00 for unit Plus $15.00 for packing and posting.

For orders please forward  your money by cheque or postal order. For enquiries contact John directly on 07 3207 1110.

To John Hill
5 Northview St.
Birkdale, Qld. 4159.