Club Web site

Clubs which have a good club web site seem to attract more prospective members to their meetings.  We are fortunate to have Anthony Straker in our club as our resident geek.

Well organised club meetings

Guests will more likely join your club if you have well organised meetings.  This means starting and finishing on time as well as having effective evaluations.  We are lucky at Compass Toastmasters to have Ken Thomson as our VPE this year as Ken is good at keeping track of members’ roles, speeches and achievements.  He does this through an excellent spreadsheet using Excel.

Community involvement

Your club profile will be enhanced through your involvement in the community.  Andy Prebensen  co-ordinated a Youth Leadership course at Centenary Heights SHS during Jan-March this year.  This was the 39th Youth Leadership course which our club has conducted.  In February and March we also conducted two “Taking the Terror Out of Talk” workshops for Shine Lawyers employees (which takes us to a total of 14 workshops for Shine Lawyers over the last 6 years).

In April and May we are conducting our 25th Speechcraft course which is for employees at Robertson Scannell Chartered Accountants.  The contact for this course came from a young accountant who participated in one of our Youth Leadership courses a few years ago.

Graham Miller, A proud member of Compass Toastmasters Club (Toowoomba) 7893/69

District Governor’s Comment: 

Congratulations to Compass Toastmasters on being such a dynamic club.  You demonstrate amazing commitment and are actively taking the Toastmasters’ programme out into the community.   No wonder your membership is so strong!