Recently I read a book written by Balraj Arunasalam. Balraj has been elected 2nd Vice President of Toastmasters International at the Convention in Kuala Lumpur. I share some of Balraj’s wisdom here mixed with my observations of Toastmasters Life.

Be humble, you may not have all the answers, admit this and seek advice from others.

Commit to your role in achieving success, by doing this you are more likely to have others remain committed with you.

Delegate and follow up, you don’t need to do all the work and maintain all the authority for yourself. Delegate to others and give them the authority to carry out tasks. Follow up on the progress made until the task is completed.

Understand work style of others, this leads to a positive working relationship. It will help you work with others and communicate successfully.

Be trustworthy, trust is essential in developing relationships. It is your responsibility to develop trust amongst others. Trust is built through day to day actions and consistency in your attitude, decisions, integrity and loyalty. Do what you have promised to do.

Mentoring, develops skills, a good mentor gives direction, guidance and support. Mentoring rewards others in developing confidence and leadership skills.

To serve better you must have the natural desire, conscious aspirations to lead so you can serve better. To test you servant leadership, challenge yourself:

Do those we serve grow as a person?

Do they, while being served become healthier, freer, more self-governing and independent?

Are they more likely themselves to become servant leaders?

Aspire to achieve your best.

Joe Abbott

Lt Governor Marketing