Something that happens once or twice in a lifetime in Stanthorpe happened to two DTM Toastmasters – Tony and Julia Hassall.  The experience of a winter wonderland of snow in Stanthorpe.

The promise had been forthcoming for a while with a few tourist disappointments.  For those keen people like Tony it was just a matter of time and as predicted at 12.15 am, the call came.  “Come outside Julia, quickly its snowing”.

At that time of the evening of course, Julia wasn’t that keen to venture out for just a bit of a powdering, but it kept coming and coming and everything began to turn white.  The ute, the wheelbarrow, the fence, the trees, the back door steps.  By 2 am some sleep was needed and by early sunrise, Tony and Julia were both up and out in it.  The bush wallaby hiding under the rock edge, said it all.  The winter wonderland.  Texts to friends and family read “come play in the snow”.

Snow Day

Building a snowman was the grand finale.  Later our grandchildren were able to enjoy the dismantling and rebuilding of their own snowmen as by 1pm, the drizzle had melted a lot of the ground snow.  The protected snowmen around the district were there in part several days later.  Locals who experienced the last major snowfall in 1984 said this snow was much softer.

The amazing consequence of snow is how the playfulness of” the child within” comes out for another play.  Even traffic jams were tolerated.  It was a “community spirited” event.

Bring on another snow day.