Contest Resources

District 69 runs four different speech contests each year. They are the International Speech Contest, Humorous Speech Contest, Evaluation Contest and Table Topics Contest.

If you are involved in planning a Contest, download   Hosting Successful Conference-Contest Handbook-April 2013 booklet. This gives you a clear outline of what is involved.

Official forms

Please note: Download all forms directly from Toastmasters International. This includes judges ballots, and the current rule book. This way you will get the most up to date copy.

District 69 Contest Guides

All resources updated July 2018

Evaluation Contest Toastmasters Script 2018 Evaluation Contestant Briefing Script 2018
Humorous Contest Toastmaster Script 2018 Humorous Contestant Briefing Script 2018
International Contest Toastmaster Script 2018 International Contestant Briefing Script 2018
Table Topics Contest Toastmaster Script 2018 Table Topics Contestant Briefing Script 2018

Here are some job descriptions for the various roles to organise a contest:

When you are Chairing a Contest 2018 When you are a Timer 2018 When you are a ballot counter 2018
When you are a Contestant 2018  Assistant Chief Judge v April 2013 Sergeant-at-Arms v April 2013
Judge v April 2013 Tie-breaking Judge v April 2013

Here are some more resources for the various roles to organise a contest:

Introducing a Contest Script v April 2013 Conference Checklist v April 2013
Club Contest Checklist v April 2013 Contents of Contest Folders v April 2013

Contestant and Judge details for D69 contests

Grid of Contest Officials v April 2013

Contests are conducted at club, area, and division levels. Finally the Division winners compete at the District Convention in May in each contest. Only the District International winner goes forward to compete at the Semi Final at the Toastmasters International Convention held in August each year.

There are nine Semi Finals with representation from each District on the Thursday of the International Convention, with one speaker from each semi-final going forward to the final. The International Final is held on the Saturday of the International Convention. The winner of the Toastmasters International Final is the year’s World Champion of Public Speaking.