How can I not start this report without mentioning the Semi-annual Conference at “the Gabba”, at which every member who attended was certainly “bowled over”?   Clare Horan as Convenor and her team produced a dazzling event on a lively wicket.   Well done team, you have set the benchmark.

Another major task completed was the second phase of District Executive (DE) training for our Division and Area Governors who have served and led you, the members, successfully so far.   Held at the Australian Institute of Management at Spring Hill on 14 and15 September, the training covered all aspects of their roles including sessions on team and membership building, social media and the TI website.    Marilyn, Ian and Christine were also able to share lessons learned at the recent International Convention and presented on the Convention from the perspective of their particular  role within District.  The third and final session of DE training will be held on 1st and 2nd of February 2014 at the same location.

Having attended a number of Area Conferences recently, either as a guest or judge, I will take this opportunity to thank the Area Governors, the co-ordinators of Area Conferences and officials for their excellent achievements in presenting their show pieces.   Listening to the contestants of the various contests, the standard at Division Conferences will be extremely high.

It is encouraging that the various DCP goals are either equal to or well in advance of the same time last year, especially the Advanced goals.  Let’s remind ourselves that the goals are markers along the way to achieving: it is what we is gained by individuals and groups along the way through achieving these goals that effectively builds our communication and leadership skills. Christmas (sorry to mention it) is almost with us, heralding the time for a well-earned break with our families whom we may have neglected due to our commitment to Toastmasters.  Enjoy the peace this time brings to you and enjoy your family and recharge the batteries.  2014 starts off with further Area Conferences, Division Conferences, TLI and DE Training. We should all pause to acknowledge how much support our families give us in our commitment to Toastmasters and I urge you to especially relish the opportunity provided through the break to enjoy the company of family and friends.   Best wishes for the months ahead and see you back refreshed and ready to go for an exciting six months.


Ian Pinker DTM