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Welcome to the Toastmasters District 69 Online Learning Portal

This online learning portal is designed to help train the District Officers of District 69 to support the clubs and members.

To gain access to the modules below, you need to have an active Toastmasters D69 account. Only District Officers have accounts eg: Area Directors/Division Directors.

Please read all instructions before logging in!

To login, scroll to the “Login here” button below and click on it.

The login screen will load and look like this.

Login screen

Login to this page with the username and password you were provided with.

The screen will refresh and you will be returned to this page.

You are now logged in.

You will know that you are logged in because you will see your name on the top right-hand side of the website.

Once logged in the top right-hand side of the screen will looks like this.

Once logged in, scroll down to the modules below and click on the enroll button to get started in a module.

If you are returning to continue working on a module that you are already enrolled in, login first if not already and then click the continue button on the module you are working through

If you do not know your username or password, please contact and we will let you know your details.

Navigating and using these modules

Once you have enrolled in a module, you will see a screen similar to the one below. This is the overall dashboard of the module. Currently, you are at 0% complete. You can read an overview of the module, view the curriculum, or read about the instructor of this module.

As you go through the module you will be able to mark where you are currently at to allow you to return and continue on. You will see a ‘Complete’ button at the bottom of each page.

You will be asked to complete the lesson you are working through.

You will see a tick and the word complete to indicate that this lesson has been completed. Select ok and you will be taken to the next lesson in the module.

Once you have completed the entire module, you will be able to select the ‘Finish course’ button. This is at the bottom of the last lesson in the module.

Confirm that you wish to finish this module by selecting the ‘OK’ button

You will be able to see that the module is complete.

You can now return to the modules by selecting the ‘Online Learning Portal’ link

We hope you enjoy the following modules

DLT Planning Committee