My Toastmasters life began in Europe and moved to Africa.  But after coming home, I was too busy picking up a new life and starting a business and let Toastmasters slide.  I came to my senses 12 years later, daahhh!!!!  What took so long…..I don’t know.  So I rejoined Toastmasters in Inverell, NSW, eight years ago and started all over again.  I have earned my ACG, ALS, and HPL.  Have served as club Secretary, Treasurer, Club Coach, Area Governor and current District 69 Secretary 2013/14.

As Division Governor I have the opportunity to encourage, help and support a team of Area Governors to grow and develop, so they in turn can assist their Clubs to achieve goals, strengthen membership and advance Toastmasters.


Hedda PikeBorn in Prague, Czech Republic, Educated in England and Australia.  Completed by correspondence, two degrees; a BA, in Humanities & English and a B.Th. in Philosophy & Ethics.  Have a Diploma in Accounting, a Certificate IV in Agriculture and am a Certified Master Cheese Maker.

Started my working life as a Nurse.  Have developed and run my own businesses in Property and Finance for about 30 years.  Now retired.

As a young person I went travelling the world.  I lived all over Europe for about 11 years and in Africa for 17 years.  In Africa, was married and widowed and returned home to Australia in 1994.

My hobbies include patchwork & quilting, other handcrafts, soap making, lead lighting, growing Bonsai and reading books.

I am a committed Christian, live in the country, and share my home with ‘Gingie’, a ginger cat, ‘Phantom’ a feral from the hay shed that Gingie brought home and a couple of gold fish and neon tetras.


  • Developed and taught a literacy course to African women.
  • Developed and taught a course in Africa on how to grow enough vegetables to support a family, on a piece of land the size of a household door. This prevented starvation.
  • Developed and taught a Cross Cultural Communications course for “ignorant white people” living in an African culture.
  • Was Secretary to a Town Council for two years and then Mayor for 9 years.
  • Developed and taught a course to train Mortgage & Finance Brokers in Brisbane/Gold Coast.
  • I’m a Toastmaster.