‘Cairns Speakers Club’ member Nicky Jurd DTM has been named D69 Toastmaster of the year at our first post-covid ‘Hall of Fame’ event. The award reflected her role as lead organiser of the organisation’s recent conference in Cairns, as well as her work in providing technical and PR support for Toastmasters in three countries.

Nicky has been a Toastmaster since 1996 and has tirelessly served the D69 community across a range of roles. When asked what Toastmasters meant to her, Nicky responded – “Everyday my peers in Toastmasters turn up for self-improvement. It’s a challenging and vulnerable space to hold up a mirror and see your flaws in front of an analytical audience. But an incredibly rewarding one too, as everyone else in the room has your back. I am so honoured to be recognised by these same peers … ”

Nicky does occasionally take a break from Toastmasters to pursue her love of coffee. Nicky confesses to being on a constant search for a better cup of coffee. A search that has seen her pay up to $58 for a single cup. The journey has also taken her to a judging role at the world barista competition.

Nicky is also an avid food writer. In the words of the lady herself, “Food is more than fuel, it’s an intimate, sensory experience. One of my bucket list items is to visit ten of the top one hundred restaurants in the world. I’m up to eight. The best so far has been Mirazur in France, which was the #1 restaurant in the world.”

Thank you Nicky Jurd!