For District 69 Council Meeting 4th May and 5th May 2019 At Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Merivale Street and Glenelg Street, South Brisbane

Motion # 1 – District Alignment 2019-2020

Preamble: The best interests of clubs and the district are taken into consideration when assigning clubs to areas, and areas to divisions. Six weeks prior to the District Electronic Council Meeting held on 31 March 2019, a proposed alignment for 2019-2020 was presented to the Division Directors to discuss with their clubs. Amendments, as requested, were made to the original proposal and the amended alignment was presented to the District Council on 31 March. Changes affecting each division were discussed and agreed to by council members of that division.



1. subject to no new clubs being chartered before the annual 2019 D69 council meeting, the proposed alignment, as agreed to at the Electronic Council meeting held on 31 March 2019, be adopted;

2. and, in the event of any new clubs chartering before the annual D69 council meeting, only any changes resulting from the alignment of those clubs be considered at the annual D69 council meeting.

Submitted: Ben McCormick DTM, IPDD, Realignment Chair 2018-2019

Motion # 2 – District Management Handbook -TI Governing Documents

Preamble: As a result of recent changes at Toastmasters International, including but not restricted to the Pathways education system, discontinuation of SAC and the introduction of electronic council meetings, the D69 Handbook is no longer current. Policies and Procedures change, so it would be preferable for our handbook to include links to the relevant portions of the Policies and Procedures, rather than duplicating documentation that will change.

Motion: “That the District Management Handbook be updated by the Past District Directors Committee, by November 2019 to reflect the current Governing Documents of Toastmasters International”

Submitted: Sue Pinker DTM, District Administration Manager 2018-2019

Motion # 3 – District Management Handbook – Local Legislation and Blue Card

Preamble: We need to be compliant with local legislation, including the Blue Card process which has changed since it was last updated in the District Management Handbook.

Motion: “That the District Management Handbook be updated by the Past District Directors Committee, by November 2019, to reflect the Australian Commonwealth Legislation and Queensland State Legislation, and to include a Blue Card Process to be used by all clubs conducting Youth Leadership courses in District 69”

Submitted: Sue Pinker DTM, District Administration Manager 2018-2019

Motion # 4 – Contest Only Pricing at Conference

Preamble: District Conference contests are an opportunity for clubs, particularly those local to the venue, to showcase Toastmasters to the general public and a successful strategy for doing so is to invite members of the public to watch the best competitors in the district compete at Convention. Contestants also enjoy having the support of family, friends and club members who would not otherwise attend a full convention to attend their contests. The cost to the organising committee of people attending the contests is small as they are not catered for and the cost of the venue is already being covered by delegates. District recognised the importance of contestant only registrations when they moved a motion which required organising committees to provide this as an option. It is perceived that the organising committee has attempted to thwart the will of council to allow contest only registrations by pricing them prohibitively and therefore council seeks to ensure:

Motion: “That contest view only registration charges be capped at no more than 20% of the cost of full conference registration”

Submitted: Robert Green DTM, President Clayfield Toastmasters 6006

Motion # 5 – District Directory

Preamble: Clubs have expressed frustration at the inability to obtain information or contact with other clubs and there has been a decrease in the interaction between clubs as a result of the District executives decision to limit access to the District Directory. District council notes that the District leadership handbook requires that where a District directory exists it is to be made available to all members of District Council and that District 69 has failed to do so. District 69 has stated that the access has been limited based on privacy concerns but any controls put in place for the current limited audience could be put in place for the district council members.

Motion: “That the District Council directs the District Director to publish a district directory and follow the District Leadership handbook and distribute the District directory to the District Council”

Submitted: Robert Green DTM, President Clayfield Toastmasters 6006