Joe Abbott ACB, ALB. Lt Governor Marketing

Joe Abbott ACB, ALB. Lt Governor Marketing

As this is my first article for the Corroboree I start with a thank you for the support I received at District Convention. I look forward to supporting you and representing District 69 during this Toastmasters year.

At the year end I hope to say we have done a great job in providing Toastmasters in our Clubs the best possible experience.  By this means we will improve member retention and make Toastmasters a fun experience in a warm, friendly, and supportive environment that encourages enjoyable learning. I encourage you all to get going and support your club and make this year your most successful ever. I am here to support you along with DG Ian Pinker, LGET Christine Lennon, and the team of Club Coach Muriel Smith, Sister Club Coordinator Jenny Abbott, New Club Chairman Tania Rooney and Corporate Club Chairman Barry Fuller. There are many other members of the District Team to help also, so I encourage you to get in touch with any member whenever you need our support.

For your club to be successful it needs to be healthy. I encourage you to use the Moments of Truth [part of the Success Club Series] as your guide to delivering quality service and an outstanding member experience. Please remember that the Clubs add and retain members, not the District. The District provides the resources, tools, and encouragement to assist the clubs in this effort.

Finally, let us work together to be the very best we can, set your member goals and your club goals that inspire you and your Club to reach your full potential through leadership and communication.

Joe Abbott ACB/ALB

Lt. Governor Marketing 2014-15