Here is Chris Parminter’s letter to the editor which appeared in this month’s Toastmaster Magazine.

Dear Sir

Would you consider publishing this letter in a future edition of “The Toastmaster” magazine please?

Worth its weight in Gold

I joined Toastmasters nearly 14 years ago. I talked too quickly. I wasn’t a good listener.

My rate of speech has improved. As for listening, I can proudly say, I hardly miss a beat.

Why? Because of the cornerstone of our organization – evaluations!

The first evaluation I received was for my Ice-Breaker. To quote Daniel Rex, “I felt truly listened to and appreciated”.

One of my first evaluations helped Mark Hunter on his way to becoming World Champion.

I hope that he felt truly listened to and appreciated!

I enjoyed reading the two articles about Evaluations in the August edition.

Thank you Carlos and to Daniel, for him to say that it will carry even more weight in the revitalized education program was wonderful to hear.

However, nothing as mentioned about the summary at the end.

All you have to do is put together in bullet point form, the 2-3 things you liked and the 1-2 points which could be improved and yes, finish on a positive.

On the Judge’s ballot, it’s worth 15 points. It has been and will continue to be the difference in winning and losing contests.

It puts the finishing touches to a presentation, and to me, that is worth is weight in Gold.

Please summarize!



Christopher Parminter DTM (x2)

Chermside Communicators Toastmasters

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia