Grow with new members and support your members. To achieve this every club member takes responsibility for offering others the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters educational program. We do this by focussing on the critical success factors in our clubs and district educational and membership goals. No matter how clever we are as individuals, how impeccable our attention to detail in following broad and narrow guidelines of our organisation or how earnestly we hope for a successful future, if our culture is poor we fulfil the parable of ‘Casting Seeds upon Stony Ground’.

All the wonderful promises of a wave of new members entering our organisation will be unfulfilled if they are left to grow on an unwelcome or underprepared social landscape: they will wither and drop away.

  • Establish clear measurable goals. Clubs come alive as collectives of individuals striving – in harmony – for a variety of group and individual goals. For a club to prosper it must have ‘generous and dynamic culture’ that:
    • Communicates freely and with purpose
    • Respects each individual
    • Values ideas
    • Promotes excellence in performance and learning
    • Shares knowledge
    • Accepts and learns from failure
    • Tolerates and manages risk
    • Understands its past and prepares and plans for the future
    • Enjoys its activities and promotes happiness.

Set your club goals around your club needs and culture. Whether it is constantly generous and dynamic is up to the members involved. A quality club environment is the single most important factor in membership retention. Quality meeting are essential for building and maintaining members. The secret is in planning. Planning in which every member has the chance to learn, grow, achieve and have fun.

 Upcoming important Club deadlines


March Membership Madness – have your club membership paid by 31st March to be in the draw for the District rewards.

March 31st ‘Talk up Toastmasters’ membership building contest ends.

Publicize the upcoming District Conference to your members, encourage participation.

Collect and submit membership-renewal dues.


1st April – Due: Membership-renewals

10th April – Membership-renewal due for credit in the Distinguished Club Program.

Report the results of the ‘Talk up Toastmasters!’ membership building contest.


1st May Start: ‘Beat the Clock’ membership building contest

2-3rd May District 69 Conference


Joe Abbott

D69 Lt Governor Marketing 2014-15