George Yen DTM, International President noted the December 2013 Corroboree article about District 69 engagement with PNG.

It is very inspiring to read about the exciting development of Toastmasters growth in PNG and watch the Youtube produced by Charlie Starrett. Dr. Smedley wrote that “Toastmasters is a laboratory of life”. In the case of PNG we are also a laboratory of a society/community in development. I saw this in my recent travels as IP in 3 countries i.e. Asian Pacific Cultural Society in Tacoma and Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society in Vancouver.

2% of 6 million who are English speaker is a great size to make a real impact. 2% of that 2% is about the size of D67 in Taiwan inclusive of 4 other non-English members of Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and Hakka.

If there is anything the Board can do to support your efforts please feel free to let me know. Best wishes.

Editors Note: – we have a business case going before the Toastmasters International board at their February meeting, requesting financial support to assist the district in supporting PNG.

Marilyn Freeman

District 69 District Governor