The focus from your District leadership this year is building on the solid foundations created last year and giving recognition to those who achieve.

Recognition encourages, motivates, and inspires us to be successful in leadership and in life in general. Heartfelt recognition is the greatest motivator and is an instrument for you and to encourage us in achieving our goals.

District 69 is off to a flying start having new clubs and many educational goals achieved, and we are only into the first week of September. I am sure our Lt. Governor Education Chris and Lt. Governor Marketing Joe will expand on these achievements in their reports. Congratulations to new clubs joining Toastmasters, and to those members who achieved new educational goals, well done.

At the International Convention in Kuala Lumpur the District team bonded well through training sessions and interviews of delegates. Delegate Candidate Interviews focussed on our District needs and challenges and from the insight we obtained, other voting delegates of our District were briefed. It was pleasing to have 80 plus members of District 69 attend the Convention. Their presence meant we were well entertained during the few breaks from duties.

Whilst the District Trio were absent District affairs were ably taken care of by District Secretary Jan Coleman, District Treasurer John Kay and District SAA Fran Kay. Our District Proxy Prowler Barrie Fuller continued the chase for proxy votes until registration closed; to the four members mentioned, a big thankyou.

The light at the end of the tunnel is still a long way off with plenty of work ahead of us. Our first semi-annual membership renewals are due. This event gives an indication of where the District membership is heading. Area Conferences begin late in September and I wish every member success, whether as a contestant or an official. Hopefully the Trio can attend some of these contests. They are central to what Toastmasters is all about.

Let us all step up to our goals. In achieving these we gain a little more in life: whether personal, or at club level with our fellow members.   Do remember to recognise fellow members achievements, it means so much and you’ll feel better too.

Best wishes and cheers

Ian Pinker DTM