Is your club ready to take up the challenge?

 As Toastmasters we are encouraged to set goals and look towards achievement in our communication and leadership pathways as an indication of our success. By each and every Toastmaster achieving their individual goals our Clubs also achieve collective goals. Through members and clubs achieving goals, positive results are seen at Area, Division and District levels.

TEAM…Together Everyone Achieves More!

 While some clubs are powering to the finish line with VPE’s busily programming members to complete their final projects by the 30th June 2018 to Finish Strong, there are other Clubs in the depths of despair acknowledging another year of defeat. Ouch!

As this Toastmasters’ year is reaching its conclusion it’s easy to take your eye off the target and admit the year didn’t go so well. However, today is as good a day as any to plan for a brighter future. 

Very shortly the current leaders will pass the baton to the incoming leaders with which message?

“We finished strong, now start strong.”


“We tried, but!”

Every successful relay team understands that a clean pass of the baton on to the next relay team member means the difference between finishing strong or faltering.

Club Leaders, there is no time like now to take immediate action and plan for a Club membership drive, Club promotion, Open House or even touch base with previous members and invite them back. The collective achievements of your Club members determine the success of the Club, Area, Division and District. 

Sometimes an incentive can be the catalyst to create momentum to Finish Strong.  

Members are you ready to take on the role as Team Players?

Club Leaders are you ready to be coaches and players?

If you are ready to take up the challenge, that’s great.  Now that you are ready to take on the opportunity to build membership, grow a stronger club and solidify your position in the

Distinguished Club Program

and Club Success Plan


Here’s a chance for your Club to have its own pull-up Banner.

Let’s face it… we all want one for our Club. It’s an excellent promotional tool that is useful at our Club venue or at a Speechcraft, market stall promotion, conference etc.

Here’s how your Club can qualify to receive one of 20 pull-up banners…for free!

Complete all 5 Challenges:

1.    Register your intention to take up the challenge 

2.    Have at least 3 new members (not transfers or dual members) join the Club between the 1st and 30th June 2018.

3.    Have at least 3 new members (not transfers or dual members) join the Club between the 1st and 31st July 2018.

4.    Have all 7 Club Leaders attend and receive training at District-sponsored Club Leader Training by the 31st August 2018.

5.    Have a ‘Moments of Truth’ conducted by an Area Director, or other qualified people from outside your club, by the 31st August 2018.

Once all tasks have been completed in full you may submit your claim for a ‘pull up banner’. The following information will need to be provided to the D69 Program Quality Director for verification. The most convenient way to do this will be to scan and email the following paperwork to

1.    Your VP Membership will provide the proof of the new members joined during the qualifying period 1st June 2018 until the 31st July 2018 by scanning the applicable membership applications and emailing them to the Program Quality Director.

2.    The VP Education will provide a copy of the Club Agenda detailing when the ‘Moments of Truth’ was conducted and ensure that they have it signed (the name of the facilitator should be printed clearly under the signature along with the relationship to the Club).

3.    Your 7 Club Leaders will need to ensure that they sign in at the District sponsored Club Leader Training that they are attending. Their attendance will be confirmed through the District reporting channels.



Terms and Conditions

1.    The ‘free’ Pull up Banner Challenge will run from the 1st June 2018 until midnight 31st August 2018.

2.    A Club will be eligible to receive (1) only Pull Up Banner once all 5 challenges have been successfully completed.

3.    Eligibility is dependant on the completion of the Challenges in the time frame published.

4.    District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Public Relations Manager of District 69 will be the judges, when and wherever adjudication is required. The decision of the Judging Panel is considered final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into after the Campaign has concluded

5.    There are 20 ‘free’ pull up banners in total. The first 20 Clubs to register and complete successfully the 5 Challenges will receive 1 Banner per Club.

6.    The members must be signed up as per the Challenge. 3 new Members 1-30th June 2018, 3 new members 1-31st July 2018. Re-instated members will be accepted ‘as long as’ a completed, signed Form 800 is received.

7.    A reminder that all new members should be voted into a club by the correct protocol.

8.    Clubs that have registered for the Challenge and completed all the tasks may submit their claim after the Challenge has closed at midnight on the 31st August 2018, not before.