The District will be conducting an Electronic District Council Meeting on September 15th 2018 at 3pm AEST

The Presidents and VPEs of each club will be able to attend via the Zoom platform.

Members who are teleconferencing will be required to use the Zoom platform.  There is no phone connection available

There will be three Zoom accounts to connect to. Each Division has been assigned a connection to join.  If you are a President or VPE of a club, please connect to the correct Zoom session.


Zoom 1 – Brisbane, Central and Moreton


Zoom 2 – Eastern and Southern


Zoom 3 – Western, Northern and PNG



Instruction for the operation of ZOOM for the District 69 electronic council meeting.

It is requested that delegates at large (voting delegates) edit their names on the zoom screen.  To do this they should right click on their name (bottom left) and select “Rename”.

  • Presidents use Club Name (abbreviated if necessary) + PRES + Name
  • VPEs use Club Name (abbreviated if necessary) + VPE + Name

You will be able to rename them again next time you use Zoom.  (The first time you use Zoom it may default to the computer user name).

To save time during the meeting features that might been needed are:

  • Hands Up feature, accessible by clicking the word Participants near the centre at the bottom of the zoom window. That opens an extension to the side of the window, which has a Hands Up button
  • You will be asked to raise your hand (electronically) if you wish to speak.
  • No chat will be allowed unless requested. The Chat button just to right of centre at the bottom of your screen.
  • Mute button is at the bottom left. Please remain muted unless asked to unmute yourself to speak.

If you accidentally minimize the zoom screen, you’ll see a small video image.  Move the mouse over it and click the “exit Minimized Video” icon.


Reports of the Executive along with the Budget can be found at