Chain of qualityHere’s the chain of quality all attendees created.

If you want to undertake a Moments of Truth session with your own club but want to do something a little different try making a quality chain with your club members. You could ask one question based on any of the six Moments of Truth elements:

For example (this is only a suggestion):

  1. First Impressions
    What is the type of first impression we want visitors to have when they first visit our club?
  2. Member Orientation
    What one thing would have helped you when you first joined our club?
  3. Fellowship, Variety and Communication
    What one change would you make to the club agenda that would improve or increase our fellowship and variety?
  4. Program Planning and Meeting Organisation
    How can we ensure our meetings run more smoothly?
  5. Membership Strength
    What promotional activity could our club undertake?
  6. Achievement Recognition
    How do you like to be recognised for your achievements?

Download the PDF to see all the links in the chain.

This educational was presented at District 69 Semi-Annual Conference 2015 by Sally Foley-Lewis.