Evaluation contest winners

Evaluation contest winners

District Speech Contests

The District Convention was a great success!   My role as Lt. Governor Education and Training focuses on organising the speech contests and my thanks must go to Assistant Chief Judge Christine Lennon, all the Tally Counters, Timers and Sgts at Arms for their dedication.  The standard across all contests was high and the judges had some very difficult choices to make.  Contest Chairmen all performed beautifully, carrying their roles with poise and grace.   Our Test Speaker, Shirley Childs, came all the way from Sydney to deliver an excellent speech to challenge our Evaluation contestants. Your contribution was greatly appreciated Shirley.  Members listed above, thank you. Your energy and commitment helped all the contests run smoothly.

Distinguished Clubs

 Taking account of the time left until 30 June we could be tricked into thinking that “the Toastmasters year is almost at an end”.  Looking at the challenges and work still ahead of us, this comment seems a long way off the mark.

Many clubs and their members have worked so hard this year and are so close to being Distinguished.  Please don’t waste your efforts.  DG Marilyn outlines in this issue the requirements for achieving Distinguished District. We can’t be a Distinguished District without our clubs being Distinguished.  We have 32 Clubs that are already Distinguished or more. So many clubs are nearly there:

  • 4 clubs have the goals but require one more member
  • 14 clubs need one more goal and require two or less members
  • 19 clubs have the goals and require three to five members
  • 4 clubs have the members and require two more goals

That makes 41 clubs within reach of becoming Distinguished.  YOU CAN DO IT. There are six weeks left.  How fabulous would you all feel to celebrate club members’ hard work throughout the year with the title ‘Distinguished’.

Ensuring members’ education achievements are submitted correctly and on time is one sure way to boost the chances of your club becoming Distinguished.   Both the Vice President Education and the member themselves are responsible here.

Thank-you for your support – let’s finish the year strong.