Report June 2014

Very soon another action packed Toastmasters year comes to an end.  I hope the dedicated work of all members comes to fruition for them personally or for their club. We have a little time left to 30 June. Yes, the clock is ticking and there are challenges yet to be achieved. These CAN can be met, in some cases with very little effort. Let’s put our shoulders to the wheel!

District is still short of the mark in being Distinguished but little surprises every day bring us closer to this achievement.  This is also true for many Clubs and Areas within District.

Membership is an issue holding Clubs back from being Distinguished. This is a shame given the hard work that goes into achieving the other goals.  Between 12 and 15 clubs have the goals but fall one member short, so please look seriously at prompting any regular guests to be become members.

A smaller number of clubs have the members but not the required five plus goals to be Distinguished.  If this is the case with your club please ensure that all members who have completed Educational goals have had them submitted to Toastmasters International. Get stuck in and make these submissions in the next few days to avoid lack of recognition if a computer crashes, or someone falls ill.  (It does happen…we are Toastmasters, not superhumans.)

Not to overstate the case, do dedicate your attention to gaining that extra member or two, or completing and submitting that outstanding Educational goal. We can be Distinguished.

It has been a challenging, informative and interesting year for D69. If  Elizabeth Browning’s quote “Light tomorrow with today” holds true, our experience of this past year will ensure a bright year ahead.

To the valued members who have mentored, assisted, volunteered for various roles or just listened along the way, thank you for being part of the team.  To Marilyn Freeman and Chris Lennon, it has been an absolute pleasure being part of the Trio, thanks.

Ian Pinker DTM

Lieutenant Governor Education and Training, D69