Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

District 69 has some important changes happening this year that will see the addition of two new Areas and a Division in Papua New Guinea, and three southern Areas transferring to District 70 in preparation for the formation of a new District in NSW next year.

Change in an organization like Toastmasters is inevitable.  We face a changing world and new challenges.  International 2nd Vice President Mike Storkey’s address at the District Changeover Dinner addressed this very pertinent theme: to stagnate is to perish.

A new District Executive including Division and Area Governors is stepping up to leadership roles, challenging themselves, aspiring to personal goals and creating positive change for District 69.  I encourage all D 69 members to get behind these members, to support them fully as they endeavour to serve you.

Due to the efforts of IPDG Marilyn Freeman and the hard working Executive of last year, we start the year with a solid base on which to build a bright and exciting future.   Our clubs are stronger, a dozen plus Clubs are in Formation with some only days away from Chartering and District now has the District Administrative Policies and Procedures handbook to guide the way.

Change for this year has already began with a District Public Relations team of Clare Horan (PRO) Pamela Greet (Corroboree Editor) and Simon Rolfe (Webmaster) gathering already to produce a paper on promoting the District. The District’s “How to Conduct a Conference” handbook is to be condensed. Plus we have a new catchword for the year… “recognition”.  Recognition is the greatest reward that one can receive, let us all give it when due, earnestly.

Imagine what this District can achieve over the next 12 months if 3,500 plus members seek change for the better for themselves and Toastmasters and give due recognition to others.

Have a most rewarding and enjoyable year fellow members and join me on the journey.

Ian Pinker DTM