Members of District 69 – an announcement of epic proportion!



Your district team is committed to providing quality training that ensures 7 club executive officers are trained and ready to lead. Our intent has always been to train 100% of our club leaders, however, given that our members are faced with challenges such as distance, time and availability we have been unable to reach that target. My belief is that we all want to be part of a quality club. In order to create the environment at a club that is conducive to members goals being met and clubs achieving excellence, our leaders need the required training to guide and monitor clubs.


With the goal of training 100% of our club executive officers in mind, a proposal was submitted to Toastmasters International to conduct a Pilot Program for the coming 2019/2020 Toastmasters year. I am excited and thrilled to announce District 69 has received approval from Toastmasters International to proceed with the program.


This means that not only will Club Leadership Training (COT/CLT) include the traditional ‘face to face’ training, it will also offer live Online Training via the Zoom platform. Not as a second chance, makeup or alternative option, but as part of an all-inclusive package.


The target for the 2019/2020 Toastmasters year is 100% of club executive officers trained. As members of District 69, you have a chance to Shine! We are asking for 100% support and commitment from our District 69 members to ensure our club executive officers are trained in Round 1 and Round 2.


Training will be supported through the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) team/coordinators and the Online Training team. We are currently finalising details and will release the training schedule shortly.


This program will provide evening training sessions and scheduled training over lunch periods. This potentially increases the opportunity for our club executive officers of corporate clubs across the District to attend. It also provides a window for members with internet access and bandwidth issues to make use of services during the day.


This is our time to Shine District 69, let’s support our District and be the first District in the world to have 100% of club executive officers trained in Round 1 and Round 2. Together we can make it happen, join us as we make history!


Kind Regards,

Alana Beale DTM

Program Quality Director District 69

Toastmasters International