District 69 Online conference and speech contests.

District 69 online conference is just weeks away. The division speech contests are finalised. The standard of speeches was exceptional. We can look forward to two exciting, enjoyable and entertaining district speech contests. Don’t miss out on watching the contestants as they compete for the right to represent D69 at the Region 12 quarter finals in the International Speech contest. Be ready to be entertained by our Humorous Speech contestants. Join in the fun activities planned for the breaks

The conference has more value to add with keynote speaker, International President Richard Peck, quality educational sessions by some of our most accomplished Toastmasters and some fun sessions during the breaks. Registration is free, so please use the link below to register your intention to attend on Saturday 1 May.

You may consider making the conference a social event by encouraging your club members to gather together at someone’s home (within Covid restriction guidelines) to watch the conference together.

What are the Benefits of attending the District Conference Saturday 1 May?

– Support your division contestant in the District speech contests.

– Enjoy the best of the best speakers in the district.

– Meet the International President, Richard Peck.

– Experience Richard Peck’s Keynote Address – ‘Leadership in Adversity.’

– Network with fellow Toastmasters.

Join in excellent educational sessions –

– Mentoring

– Quality evaluations

– Club best Practices

– Participate in short FUN activities during the breaks.

How do I register to attend?

Update my Zoom to the latest version.

Click Here to Register.

And don’t forget to craft a hat out of recycled materials for one of the fun sessions.

Opportunities to Upgrade your Skills

There are still vacancies for Area Directors. Please consider how you can upgrade your leadership skills. Area Director is a very important and valued role. I personally enjoyed my year as Area 13 Director a few years ago. It is valuable experience in building your leadership skills. If you would like to know more, please talk to your current Area Director or your Division Director.

Membership renewals and Realignment        

April is time for us to check how the membership renewals have progressed.
Covid has impacted seriously on membership around the globe and District 69 has followed the trend. Numbers are down, and we will lose some clubs. This was inevitable but we can still find reasons to celebrate. Members have persevered with online meetings and gained new skills. Clubs are returning to in person meetings. We have new members joining clubs across the district. Welcome to Toastmasters!

Membership renewals will determine what realignments are necessary across the district.

TI Incentive schemes.

Toastmasters International has again introduced some new awards as incentives to build clubs, attract new members and achieve success in Pathways. Check out the TI web site at www.toastmasters.org for more details.

Barbara Nielsen DTM
D69 District Director 2020/21