It is very pleasing to welcome members into our Clubs. It’s especially pleasing watching PNG Clubs expand so quickly. I congratulate all club members who have asked people to join, taken them along to meetings and had them sign up to get the great benefits we receive ourselves from the program.

Membership retention plagues most Toastmaster clubs. Do we know why these people leave? How can fix it if we don’t ask them? Get an exit sheet to ask people why. Do something with the information: think about how your club can respond better to member’s needs. Are you making people welcome enough? If you meeting exciting and varied or do you follow a tried and tested formula that works for the old hands? Do you engage with each and every member? Don’t let this exit sheets become just a ‘happy feel good’ exercise. That is a member who has just voted with their feet and your club didn’t get their vote.

Have you checked the health of your club latterly?

Regularly ask our members why they joined Toastmasters in the first place and are they getting what they expected. Are we fulfilling each other’s needs, are we catering for the needs of everyone. When people no longer get satisfaction, their goals are not being fulfilled, their progress and participation slows, they may no longer feel welcome. People often keep their feelings and criticisms to themselves: at work, play or Toastmasters. Perhaps it is time to find out now and DO something to stop the leakage?

Have a club audit: ask each member if their needs and goals are being met. Do they enjoy meetings? Are they participating in the program? Does every member have an equal opportunity to participate in the program and achieve what they joined for in the first place?

Only if every member, whether in a leadership role or a participating member role has the chance to demonstrate their commitment will all achieve success creating a club that’s strong and healthy.

Thirty-two clubs in D69 have 12 members or less; only two of these have assigned Coaches. Every club with less than 12 members may ask for a Coach to assist them reach Club Distinction. I encourage all of those 32 clubs to contact me so a Coach can be appointed. I would also hope to hear from members that would like to be coaches. The District also has a Sister Club program for clubs that need assistance in various fields. Strong vital clubs can provide much needed resources and networking to isolated clubs in our district. The benefits of the sisterhood are that clubs that are struggling or which are new and evolving, can get valuable assistance and experience. They will feel part of the Toastmasters network and the exchange of ideas will benefit both clubs.

Don’t be shy: feel free to call or email

Joe Abbott

Lt Governor Marketing

07 46692221