What is Club Leadership Training?

Better trained leaders contribute to better quality clubs. Club Leadership Training (previously called Club Officer Training) is held twice annually – Round 1 (June – August), and Round 2 (November – February).

Who can attend Club Leadership Training?

All members can attend any of the online and/or face to face training events.

Can another Club Officer attend on my behalf?

No. Any member can attend club officer breakout training sessions, but only the member holding the club officer role can be credited for attending the session.

When will the period for Round 2 club leadership training be open?

Members can attend CLT events scheduled from 1st November 2019 to 29th February 2020.

I am looking forward to training. How do I also make sure my attendance meets Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals?

To meet Distinguished Club Program goals, Club Officers must attend a minimum of 3 hours elective club leadership training plus 1-hour of officer-role specific training for each role you     hold. Planning across online and face-to-face package options will support members to meet the requirements. Be sure to register and sign in attendance for all club roles you hold at event training events online and face-to-face.

What if I hold more than one club officer role?

Your contribution to leadership is valued. Aligned with Toastmasters International standards, in addition to minimum 3 hours elective club leadership training, each Club Officer is required to attend 1-hour of ‘officer role specific’ training for each officer role they hold. For example, if you hold VP Membership in one club, and Treasurer in another club – you are required to attend a 1-hour officer breakout session for both VPM (1-hour) and Treasurer (1-hour).

Where an officer is unable to attend multiple breakout sessions at face-to-face training, they can attend additional breakout sessions through the online training program to meet the minimum requirements. See www.toastmastersd69.org/events for other training options.

Will I get recognised for training if I attend outside my division?

Absolutely! Officers will be recognised for attendance at any club leadership training events either online or face to face, where they have signed in.

It is the responsibility of Division Directors to communicate attendance records to the member’s respective ‘home club’ Division Director.

Will online training be recorded?

In accordance with Toastmasters International standards, club leadership training must be attended live – either in person, or online. Club leadership training is a two-way communication process, so the value would be diminished if the participants are unable to interact.  

Who manages the CLT attendance reporting for Distinguished Club Program?

Division Directors are responsible for reporting accurate and timely attendance of all club officers in their respective divisions. Any questions regarding accuracy of attendance should be communicated through Club Presidents to Area/Division Directors.

What if I have further questions on CLT?

If you have questions about club leadership training, please follow the communication chain through Club Presidents, to Area Directors, to Division Directors and Division PQDs.