As some would say: YOLO…you only live once.  Go for it!

There are many opportunities to develop your communication and leadership skills within the Toastmasters program.

One excellent way to develop both skills at the same time is to consider taking on a District officer role for 2014-15 (Area Governor, Division Governor or senior leadership role)

This call for nominations includes links to the following information:

1. District Leader Qualifications

2. Nominating Form

3. Officer Agreement and Release Form

4. Protocol 9.0 District Campaigns and Elections (for information)

Please return completed forms to Charlie Starrett, Chairman, District 69 Nominating Committee.

All the best,

Charlie Starrett DTM

PNG Ambassador 2013-14

Immediate Past District Governor 2013-14

Toastmasters International District 69

Where Leaders Are Made

m: 0488 493 333