District Director

Barbara Nielsen

I joined Toastmasters in 2009. Toastmasters has motivated me to challenge myself. Through Toastmasters, I discovered confidence and multiple skills. The education program and mentoring have helped me grow.

I am passionate about the possibilities for everyone through Toastmasters.

Thank you for the privilege of serving the members of District 69 as Club Growth Director then Program Quality Director.

Thanks to the support of my mentors and fellow members, I have learnt a lot about what members want. I am ready to take the next step. I ask for the privilege of being your next District Director. 

Program Quality Director

Leonard Scuderi

As a member of 26 years it’s time for me to give back to the whole district – not just my division, my area and my clubs. 

I have the experience, the ideas and the real-world leadership to serve our District which is why I was approached to run for Program Quality Director this year. 

As PQD I will strive to help create quality clubs where you learn the skills and freedom to develop great ideas to make your clubs the best they can be.

Personally, I am husband of ten years, cat owner, and lead a team of analysts in my workplace. Toastmasters is in my blood with my father still a member after 45 years.

Mark Snow

It has been my great honour to serve our members and clubs this year as Club Growth Director.

The many examples of positivity, dedication and courage displayed by our members during this unprecedented time are a huge inspiration for me to continue serving you next year as Program Quality Director.

Now more than ever, our District needs stable and effective continuity of leadership, and the extensive international networks and leadership experience I bring to the District team will serve us as we strive to listen to, understand, and support your club to help you realise your full potential, whatever your goals may be.

Together, we are achieving amazing things. Let us continue this journey of growth and create a positive and productive Toastmasters experience for all members.

Club Growth Director

Robert Green

Brisbane Division Director

Denise Buckby

I have been an active, passionate Toastmaster since 2017 participating in leadership and training roles at Club, Area and Division levels.

Being Area Director 36 in 2018/19 and currently the Brisbane Division Project Quality Development/ Training Leadership Institute Coordinator, I have expanded my Toastmaster knowledge and experience.

After working closely with Robert Green, the current Brisbane Division Director, I believe I am ready to lead the Brisbane Division in 2019/20.

As an endorsed candidate, I seek your support in assisting me to make Brisbane Division vibrant, inclusive and productive where members can grow to reach their potential.

Central Division Director

Judith Rowarth

Eastern Division Director

Jim Fazl

Jim Fazl, a Toastmaster since 2015, is a member of four Ipswich based clubs and has held the role of Area Director. 

He has used the communication and leadership skills, gained by being a Toastmasters member in his chosen fields of work, that being hospitality and aged care.

Jim is also active in his local community, serving on the executive of the Ipswich Ratepayers and Residents Association (currently the vice president). 

He is always eager to expand his knowledge and skills to support Toastmasters and help grow and empower the local community.

Moreton Division Director

Jenny Owens

I joined Toastmasters in October 2011. I have held five club officer roles, gaining understanding of club executive roles and Club management.

I have also held the office of Area Governor, Division Governor, Division Director and District Administration Manager and achieved Distinguished Toastmaster.

My purpose of leading Moreton Division is to co-ordinate activities, provide strategic leadership to deliver on the established stream of goals of equity of access, outcomes and experience for clubs and members in Toastmasters

I am a qualified candidate for the position of Moreton Division Director 2020-2021.

Northern Division Director

Lynne O’Neill

Southern Division Director

Taflyn Fiola

Western Division Director

Kevin Sherry

I believe that I have the balance of experience, and shown a willingness to be a servant leader when I served as Program Quality for Western when I lost the election in 2018/2019 to Carolyn Becker, as well as Area 11 Director.

I served as Area 1 Director when medically cleared after spinal fusion operation in July 2019, without any educational acknowledgment.

My mantra is that I believe resilience will inspire hope. I hope for your vote and feel confident in the team of western leaders already identified, we plan to hold goal setting and training with innovation in late May 2020 because of the unique challenge of social isolation.

I have completed 7 paths in four years and want to assist others navigate this period of rapid change with a vision of hope.