I am just so proud of this group of people I want to publicly acknowledge and thank them.  What better place to do this than the Corroboree?

Area17 executives met to nut out details of the Area 17 conference. Attendees travelled between 92 kilometres and 170 kilometres round trip to attend this Saturday morning meeting at New Italy, Woodburn, NSW . Their commitment and involvement before and during the conference helped enormously towards its great  success on 28 September 2013. I am very thankful to be Area Governor to such a group of dedicated and supportive Toastmasters.

Janet Coleman,  Area 17 Governor 2013/2014

In the group pictured below are from left to right:

Jeanette Collin VPM Yamba Yabbies

Hazel Miltiadou President Yamba Yabbies

Joy Lauder VPPR Yamba Yabbies

Susan Hereford- Ashley President Mighty Clarence

Michelle Conners President Southern Cross University

Valda Hodges Secretary Mighty Clarence

Mary Ford President Summerland and In Focus (I/F)

Jan Coleman A17 Governor and VPE Yamba Yabbies

Judy Mason A17 Secretary and Secretary In Focus (I/F)

Area 17 Executives at work, having fun.