Writers, editors, communications designers…a great opportunity

 Do you hanker to get your words in print or do you have a flair for creative design & communication? Here’s a great opportunity for you.
 District 69 is looking for an editor for Corroboree. There are great possibilities to develop the style, format and content of Corroboree.
 Corroboree is our D69 Newsletter that helps keep us all informed about Toastmaster upcoming events, priorities and happenings across the District.
 You will need passion and a flair for the written word as well as a good eye for details such as grammatical correctness, spelling, typographical errors, stray apostrophes and the like.
Basic computer literacy is required.
 You’ll need to be able to dedicate about 5 hours every two months to the task.
 Please contact your fearless leader, District Governor Ian Pinker, with your expression of interest before April 15 2015.