District Executive 2018/19

District Director (DD): Shane Cooper DTM 

Responsible for upholding the policies and bylaws of Toastmasters International.

  • Directs the business of the district to enable all members to achieve their personal goals.
  • Ultimate advisor and counsellor of clubs.
  • Link between our members and the International Board of Directors.

Email the District Director for information on any procedural or policy problem which cannot be answered through the District delegation of Division or District Officers.

Program Quality Director (PQD): Alana Beale DTM

  • Responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district including quality programming at club level.
  • Officer responsible for all educational sessions and contests at Area, Division and District Conferences.
  • Chief Judge at the District Speech Contests.
  • Responsible for TLI.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Email the PQD for information on district training programs, contest judges, rulings on contest requirements, such as eligibility, any question relating to Toastmasters’ educational systems and awards.

Club Growth Director (CGD): Barbara Nielsen DTM 

  • Responsible for all aspects of marketing and club building and retention efforts within the district.
  • Develops and presents a marketing plan, works with the New Club Coordinator to build new clubs, works with the District Chief Coach to assist struggling clubs, supports the District Mentor Officer.
  • Responsible for Long Service Badges and Club Anniversaries.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Email the CGD for information on appointing a club coach, all information relating to creating a new club and ideas for membership building and membership retention.

Immediate Past District Director: Benjamin McCormick DTM PDD


  • Responsible for providing guidance and counsel to the incoming district officers.
  • Allows for a smooth transition to the new district team.
  • Is the Chairman of the District Nominating Team.
  • Responsible for the correct conduct of district campaigns.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact for any information on eligibility for district office and nomination forms and criteria.

Public Relations Manager (PRM): Simon Cornwill DTM

  • Responsible for public relations within the district.
  • Maintains communications between the media and Toastmasters to increase the awareness of the benefits of Toastmasters to the wider community.
  • Resource officer for club, area, division and district with advice and suggestions on publicity projects.
  • Coordinates the district activities for Seniors Week, Adult Learners, Toastmasters Week.
  • Chairs the judging panel for the District Newsletter contests.
  • Directly supports the work of the CGD and reports to the District Director.

Email the PRM for information on publicity matters. For suggestions for activities to promote membership building and membership retention. Advice on newsletters, flyers.

District Administration Manager (DAM): Sue Pinker DTM

  • Responsible for ensuring that accurate and timely records are maintained of the district’s activities.
  • Ensures that all necessary correspondence is forwarded to Toastmasters International.
  • Ensures that all members receive information relevant to the district.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Email the Administration Manager for information on format of formal minutes, requirements and cut off dates for all reports and any query on record keeping.

District Finance Manager (DFM): Hugh McVean CC, CL

  • Responsible for implementing the district budget and for the complete maintenance of district finances.
  • Maintains travel and insurance payments.
  • Responsible for bookings of required air travel for district officers.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Email the Finance Manager for information on budget information, travel and insurance queries and appropriate expense claims.

Logistics Manager: Ian McLaren DTM


  • Responsible for organizing venues, catering and accommodation for all district meetings and training activities.
  • To forward travel requests to the Treasurer for district officers for training activities.
  • For arranging pick ups from the airport.
  • Is the Sgt for district functions.
  • Responsible for district Assets and the updating of them.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact the Logistics Manager for queries of venues, catering, accommodation, pick ups for training activities.

Parliamentarian: Pam Holley


  • Provides advice and support to the District Director during council meetings.
  • Reports on quorums of meetings and rules on all issues relating to policy, bylaws and procedures.
  • Responsible for organizing the credentials desk.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact for advice on parliamentary procedure, quorums for area and division council meetings.


Division Directors

(Listed in alphabetical order by Division)

Brisbane Division Director: Jenny Bostock


Central Division Director: Marietta Wetzig DTM


Eastern Division Director: Kate Norris ACG, ALB


Moreton Division Director: Rod Luck DTM


Northern Division Director: Heather Bruce ACS, ALB


Papua New Guinea Division Director: Jayaprasad Ramakrishna


Southern Division Director: Yvonne Selleck


Western Division Director: Carolyn Becker


Executive Support Team

(Listed in alphabetical order by function title)

Area Director Mentor:


Contact if you are a current Area Director and your Division Director is unavailable to answer an administrative query.

Auditor: Don Crombie DTM


  • Responsible for auditing all District’s accounts and reporting to TI.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact for information on how to prepare Division books ready for auditing, and for suggestions about how clubs can arrange for financial handovers between treasurers.

Badge Orders: Barrie Richardson DTM


  • Responsible for supplying TI approved badges and trophies to the District.
  • Can supply a variety of trophies for conferences.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact for ordering of member’s badges and for quotes for trophies. Badge order form can be downloaded from website.

Chief Coach: Ian Pinker DTM PDG


  • Responsible for making clubs with 12 or fewer members aware of eligibility criteria for having a coach appointed.
  • Once appointed follow up with support on how to coach and accountability through 3 monthly reports.
  • Reports to the CGD.

Contact if your club is struggling with low active membership, may need a coach appointed, or you want help to build membership numbers or experienced member to assist.

Corporate Clubs Chairman: Richard Dudaniec DTM


  • Maintains the database of corporate clubs.
  • Supports and assists in the chartering and formation of corporate clubs.
  • Advises on steps needed to create a new corporate club and chartering requirements.
  • Reports to the CGD.

Area or Division Directors contact about how to start a new corporate club through to charter. Contact with information on clubs in formation.

Directory Editor: Clare Murphy DTM PID


  • Responsible for issuing new Directories via email every three months.
  • Maintains correct details for all clubs and Club officers.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact to advise of changes to club information and club officers.

District Annual Conference Club Banner Parade: Simon Cornwill DTM


Contact to enter the Club Challenge for the District 69 Annual Conference, with your club’s photo featuring your club banner.

District Annual Conference Convenor


  • Responsible for organising the District Conference’s budget, venue, program, registration, accommodation, and promotions, under the guidance of the District Director.

Contact to register, or with questions about the District 69 Annual Conference.

District Annual Conference Treasurer


Contact to pay for registration to the District 69 Annual Conference.

Division Director Mentor:


Contact if you are a current Division Director with an administrative query.

Historian: Barrie Fuller DTM, PRA


  • Maintains the district’s historical records.
  • Advises on charter dates.
  • Advise on available history of Toastmasters’ clubs in D69.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact to gain information about club’s history or to advise of new club’s charter membership and committee detail.

Info Line Coordinator:


  • Responsible for keeping list of calls to 1300 30 40 69.
  • Advises suitable club details and emails for Club, Area and Division.
  • Keeps list of new members.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact to advise contact details of venues, names, numbers of clubs in formation and their details.

Long Service Badges Coordinator 


Contact if you or a member of your club is due a long service badge.

Past District Directors Committee Chairman: Christine Lennon DTM PDD


  • Meets and works in support of the district and its officers, under the direction of the District Director, and may only work on tasks assigned by the District Director.

Contact through the District Director with possible projects for discussion.

Realignment Committee Chairman: TBA

Leads the committee responsible for annual District realignment proposals.

Speechcraft Coordinator: Christine Lennon DTM


  • Responsible for assisting clubs with suggestions on how to run courses.
  • Advises enquiries of available Speechcraft Courses in their locality.
  • Maintains list of courses currently running and completed.
  • Checks on success of courses.
  • Reports to TLI.

Contact to ask for advice on running a speechcraft course, for questions about where courses are happening, and to inform that you are running a course.

TLI Chairman: Carolyn Shaw


  • Chairs the Toastmasters Leadership Team of TLI Coordinators, Distance Education, Youth, Speechcraft and Educational Resources Officer.
  • Responsible for all Club Officer and Member Training.
  • Coordinates training for presenters.
  • Reports to the PQD.

Contact for information on recruiting presenters. For particular Club Officer Training sessions, see that particular coordinator.

Webmaster: Simon Cornwill DTM


  • Maintains the district website, with the assistance of web champions.
  • Continues to improve our site.
  • Has web champion or himself upload information within 48 hours.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact with information to be submitted.

Youth Leadership Chairman:  Christine Lennon DTM


  • Responsible for assisting clubs to run Youth Leadership courses with suggestions on the process.
  • Maintains a list of courses being run.
  • Responsible for keeping a data base of Blue Cards.
  • Promotes Youth Leadership to the general public with PRM.
  • Passes enquiries of courses to those closest geographically.
  • Reports to the District Director.

Contact to inform of courses being run by your club, Area, Division. For queries about blue cards. For questions about how to organize courses.