Area Director

Clubs are assigned to areas (four to six clubs per area). As Area Director, you serve as the direct liaison between the District and the clubs.
Area Directors conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs. In turn, these visits help district leaders understand how to support and meet the needs of each club. They submit a Club Visit Report. It is important that Area Directors have the support they need to serve the clubs. The success of the district depends on it. They will be the Contest Chair for their contests at Area level, usually held at the Area Conference.

The purpose of an area is to ensure each club fulfills its responsi­bilities to its members and becomes a Distinguished Club, promote and extend the benefits of membership in Toastmasters clubs, help in the organisation of new clubs, facilitate the training of club leaders, encourage clubs to undertake efforts that create greater community aware­ness of Toastmasters and make Toastmasters available to more people, oversee and conduct quality speech contests in the district.

Area council members include the Area Director, Assistant Area Director Program Quality, Assistant Area Director Club Growth, Area Secretary, club Presidents, club Vice Presidents Education, and club Vice Presidents Membership.

The area council manages area activities and supports each club in the area in fulfilling the club mission.

The area council meets at least twice each year. Meetings are conducted in-person when practicable. The Area Director notifies attendees at least four weeks before each meeting.

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