Club Coaching

Could Your Club Benefit From A Helping Hand?

It is well known that Clubs go through cycles with respect to membership levels and that sometimes, despite the best efforts to the contrary, numbers drop.
If your Club’s numbers are 12 or less and your club is willing to make changes to improve membership, please consider the benefits of getting a Club Coach (or 2) on side.

Club coaches have much to offer.
They are usually experienced Toastmasters who bring with them the gift of fresh eyes, alternative perspectives, new ideas, and bundles of energy that can help stimulate and refresh interest and passion in your Club.

Click here to see if your club is eligible, or click here for a list of eligible clubs.

This letter requesting a Club Coach needs to be sent to the District 69 Chief Coach at or phone Ian Pinker DTM PDG on 07 5492 6000.

Coaches Wanted

Are you one of those experienced members wanting a new challenge?  Click here to see if you qualify.

Aside from the personal satisfaction that a Club Coach earns through seeing the fruits of their input in club growth and members thriving, a Club Coach also achieves credit towards their Advanced Leadership Silver award, which is a necessary step before achieving the DTM.
Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Send this Form to Register as a Coach to the District 69 Chief Coach at or phone Ian Pinker DTM PDG on 07 5492 6000.

Tools for Club Coaches

The District 69 Chief Coach has supplied the following files for Club coaches and the Clubs they are Coaching:

Toastmasters Coaching Manual – The First Class Club Coach

The MAXPLAN – a programme used to develop Club Coaching in District 70

Club Coach Appointment Form

District 69 Report form for Club Coaches

Other Useful Information for Building New Clubs or Re-Building Existing Clubs

Below is some information you may find useful from others about building new clubs or re-building (strengthening) existing clubs:

Olaf’s Blog – Strategies to Rebuild Your Toastmasters Club