Individual Club Histories

The history of the Individual clubs within Toastmasters International – District 69

Revised 1st April 2016


These histories are in arranged alphabetic order. Similar to the district Directory

These club records have  been compiled form hand written records, original documents (if available) and sourced from various information supplied by club members.

Sincere thanks to all those members who have corrected the information and added to the histories.


A starting point for the electronic record is Toastmasters International listing of clubs as at 1st July 2013. There are over 130 clubs that have been suspended within the boundaries of District 69 since 1958 when the 2nd club, Toowoomba Toastmasters, was chartered. There is an unknown number of proposed clubs that never proceeded to obtain a formal charter for whatever reason.

Club History Files

Club Histories Section 1 Numeric & A-C Combined

Club Histories Section 2 D-K

Club Histories Section 3 L-R

Club Histories Section 4 S-Z

List of all District 69 clubs by Date of Charter

Please advise any discrepancies to District 69 Historian – Barrie Fuller DTM  PRA at

Revised from the Original Compilation by Clare Murphy DTM PID