What Happens at a Club Meeting

What happens at a club meeting

A typical meeting goes for one to two hours. It includes segments for prepared speeches, impromptu speeches and evaluations. Other roles include:

(1)               The Toastmaster: The Toastmaster chairs the overall meeting and sets the tone and pace of the evening. The Toastmaster often follows a particular theme, for example ‘’Love is in the Air’’ for Valentine’s Day or ‘’Strange Australian Customs’’. A printed program guides the Toastmaster and members through the planned segments. See a sample program.

(2)               Warm- Up: this segment loosens up vocal cords and reduce nerves. Each person has the opportunity deliver a sentence in reply to a topic. There is no pressure on guests to participate.

(3)               Table Topics: This is an impromptu speaking segment. Guests are not expected to contribute to this segment, unless they expressly wish to be included.

(4)               Evaluations: Evaluators help speakers improve their speaking skills by encouraging strengths and offering suggestions for improvements.

(5)               Timekeeping: A Timekeeper records the time of each segment. Keeping to time is an important skill that is encouraged at Toastmasters.

(6)               Speeches: Prepared Speeches are presented by members working their way through their Communication Manual or Advanced Manuals. Each speech has specific objectives and a time limit. These speeches usually last between 5-7 minutes and you can choose any topic to share with your fellow Toastmasters.