Start a Club

How to start a new Club

This is one of the most exciting yet challenging activities within Toastmasters. Many new people will be introduced to the life- changing Toastmasters program. It takes careful planning from a group of dedicated people. There are over 13000 clubs worldwide and we can help you start a new club in your area. You will need 20 members to start a new club.

The official guide from Toastmasters International How to Build a Toastmasters Club is a great place to start reading.

Here is a summary:  Steps to chartering a Club

Here is a flyer for a very successful demonstration meeting flyer: First Flyer, along with a Sign-in sheet Sample Meeting and Second Flyer.

Here is a simple Demonstration Meeting agenda template and 8 Meeting Outlines.

Each new club may have up to two sponsors appointed by the District’s Club Growth Director. Sponsor support new clubs in the following ways: Market the new club idea to prospective members, Help with meetings, Assist with forms, Plan the charter presentation.

Each new club may have up to two club Mentors appointed by the District’s Club Growth Director. Club mentors provide guidance during the first six months to one year of its existence. They are experienced Toastmasters who may decide to join the new club. Sometimes, the members of an existing club may help to start a new one. These sponsoring clubs do the following to help a new club and may earn the Founder’s Award club banner , ribbon for their efforts: Present the demonstration meeting, Offer encouragement and advice, Attend the new club’s charter presentation.

F1 Application to Organise a Club

F2 Charter payments

F3 Charter Member Application Form and an excel spreadsheet version to submit one document Form 3 template

F4 Charter Club Officer Information

F5 Club Information

F6 Club Constitution and Bylaws and in Word format Bylaws in full.

Forms 2- 6 are submitted with the membership fees when you have 20 members.

Do you want help? If you want to discuss your idea or proposal for a new club, contact the District Club Growth Director or the New Clubs Coordinator in your Division.