Public Liability

Many years ago, member clubs asked District 69 to set up an insurance policy to cover their members, as it was too expensive for each club to take out a separate policy.

District 69 has done that and the voluntary contribution is $5 per club per year.

Contribution notices for insurance are sent by email the President, Secretary or Treasurer in March each year.

Travel Fund

The Travel Fund has two purposes.  One is to assist speech contestants in their travel costs to compete at the District 69 Speech Contests – so that no Division contestants are disadvantaged because of the cost of travel.   The second is to pay for the District’s International Speech Contest winner’s costs when attending and competing at Toastmasters International Convention.

When the Travel Fund was initiated, member clubs decided that a club should contribute over a minimum of 4 semi-annual periods to fully participate in the fund.  This was set as an incentive to contribute.

Member clubs felt that it would be a shame if our best speakers were unable to compete at these levels because of the cost involved.

Please note that District funds cannot be used for this purpose.  Please also note that the special funds raised under the District 69 Travel Fund can only be used for the purpose as stated in the Travel Fund Policy.  An audit on the Travel Fund is performed every year

We commend your club’s contribution to the Travel Fund.  One of your members may need Travel Fund assistance in the near future.

The Travel Fund contribution is $1.00 per member per half year. Contribution notices for the travel fund are sent by email the President, Secretary or Treasurer each January (for the period from 1 January to 30 June) and each July (for the period from 1 July to 31 December).