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Educational on Club Quality

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Chain of qualityHere’s the chain of quality all attendees created.

If you want to undertake a Moments of Truth session with your own club but want to do something a little different try making a quality chain with your club members. You could ask one question based on any of the six Moments of Truth elements:

For example (this is only a suggestion):

  1. First Impressions
    What is the type of first impression we want visitors to have when they first visit our club?
  2. Member Orientation
    What one thing would have helped you when you first joined our club?
  3. Fellowship, Variety and Communication
    What one change would you make to the club agenda that would improve or increase our fellowship and variety?
  4. Program Planning and Meeting Organisation
    How can we ensure our meetings run more smoothly?
  5. Membership Strength
    What promotional activity could our club undertake?
  6. Achievement Recognition
    How do you like to be recognised for your achievements?

Download the PDF to see all the links in the chain.

This educational was presented at District 69 Semi-Annual Conference 2015 by Sally Foley-Lewis.

District Governor’s Message

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

District Governor’s Message


Official opening of 2015 District Convention:  International Vice President Balraj Arunasalam , of Colombo, , Mayor Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast Regional Council and District Governor Ian Pinker DTM.

Official opening of 2015 District Convention: Second International Vice President Balraj Arunasalam , of Colombo, , Mayor Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast Regional Council and District Governor Ian Pinker DTM.

Fellow members of District 69, welcome to the final edition of Corroboree for the 2014-2015 Toastmasters year.

As I reflect on the past year I ask were has the year gone? Time is a strange concept which you have no control over, it is only how it is used that           make the difference. At times a few extra hours in the day would have been of benefit.

At the District Convention a new team was elected to take the District forward with new ideas and enthusiasm. To them I wish them the best of luck and an enjoyable journey, and that they have the support of the members as I was fortunate to have.

One of my aims was to have a strong, knowledgeable and dedicated District Executive to go forward with in the year. I was most fortunate to have such an Executive who gave me that and much more, thank you so much to you all.

On reflection the last year and beyond was a time of surprises, challenges, inspirational moments and satisfaction. Fellow members, if you wish to learn more about yourself and challenge yourself, and at the same time improve your leadership and communication skills as I did, consider taking on a District Executive role and be rewarded.

To my dear old friends and the new friends made during the year, thank you for your support and inspiration along the way, Toastmasters is such a strong family to be enjoyed and appreciated.

On reflection, it has been an amazing year and to you all, thanks for the journey.


Ian Pinker DTM

District 69 Governor 2014 – 2015

Report of the District Governor

Saturday, November 15th, 2014
Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

Toastmasters celebrates its 90th anniversary at a time when it has grown to 96 Districts world-wide. Let’s also pause to recognise and celebrate the 43 years of District 69. We commenced with 24 clubs and now our District has 185 clubs.

Just how has our District grown to 185 clubs of 3700 plus members with prospective clubs registered and more interested parties keen to join us in Toastmasters?

Over the years hard working District Executives and Club Executives have encouraged members to strive for personal achievements as well as encouraging expansion of Toastmasters in D69 by the chartering of new clubs.

On the 8th November District 69 held its Semi-annual Council meeting at Southport. While we were pleased that about 90 members attended, and we welcomed many Area Governors, it was disappointing that Presidents and Vice Presidents Education of the clubs, those with voting power, didn’t attend and many didn’t submit proxy votes. We lacked a quorum to support the direction and decision making of the District.

Working from the Core Values of Toastmasters your District Executive, including Area and Division Governors, aims again to leave the District stronger than when they gained office. We need team work, dedication and a sense of humour to throw at this challenge.

On the 1st July we took up the favourite chorus of not only more clubs but stronger clubs and added “give recognition where due”.   We are positive about a rosy picture for the year ahead. Great results are starting to show.

As is the final Corroboree of 2014. My wish is that you and your families have a most enjoyable and safe break. Step back from Toastmasters commitments. Freshen up. When you come back re-energized be ready to go; Division Conferences will be on the door step and the District 69 Convention shortly after in May.   Area Governors will free which to direct their energies towards promoting new clubs within their Areas.

As we celebrate 90 years of Toastmasters and 43 years of District 69, please remember we achieved what we have achieved through teamwork and applying the Core Values of Toastmasters. Continuing in this vein will ensure a positive year for District 69 and rewarding times for all of us into the future.

Ian Pinker DTM/ District 69 Governor


District Governor Greeting July 2014

Thursday, July 17th, 2014
Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

Ian Pinker DTM District Governor

District 69 has some important changes happening this year that will see the addition of two new Areas and a Division in Papua New Guinea, and three southern Areas transferring to District 70 in preparation for the formation of a new District in NSW next year.

Change in an organization like Toastmasters is inevitable.  We face a changing world and new challenges.  International 2nd Vice President Mike Storkey’s address at the District Changeover Dinner addressed this very pertinent theme: to stagnate is to perish.

A new District Executive including Division and Area Governors is stepping up to leadership roles, challenging themselves, aspiring to personal goals and creating positive change for District 69.  I encourage all D 69 members to get behind these members, to support them fully as they endeavour to serve you.

Due to the efforts of IPDG Marilyn Freeman and the hard working Executive of last year, we start the year with a solid base on which to build a bright and exciting future.   Our clubs are stronger, a dozen plus Clubs are in Formation with some only days away from Chartering and District now has the District Administrative Policies and Procedures handbook to guide the way.

Change for this year has already began with a District Public Relations team of Clare Horan (PRO) Pamela Greet (Corroboree Editor) and Simon Rolfe (Webmaster) gathering already to produce a paper on promoting the District. The District’s “How to Conduct a Conference” handbook is to be condensed. Plus we have a new catchword for the year… “recognition”.  Recognition is the greatest reward that one can receive, let us all give it when due, earnestly.

Imagine what this District can achieve over the next 12 months if 3,500 plus members seek change for the better for themselves and Toastmasters and give due recognition to others.

Have a most rewarding and enjoyable year fellow members and join me on the journey.

Ian Pinker DTM


District Governor News

Thursday, April 17th, 2014
Denis and Bruce Morcombe

Denis and Bruce Morcombe

Denise and Bruce Morcombe Accept Communicator of the Year Award

Around the world, Districts are encouraged to recognise Communicators and Leaders in their communities who are NOT Toastmasters and about 70 of these awards are presented each year.  All clubs are invited to nominate people in the community for this award and this year there was an overwhelming number of nominations for Denise and Bruce Morcombe – parents of Daniel Morcombe, Founders of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.  The District Team is proud to announce that Denise and Bruce Morcombe are the District 69 Communicators of the Year for 2013-14.  They will accept the award at the District Convention on Saturday morning 3rd May at 11 am (approx). This will be just before the Council meeting –  it would be wonderful if you could be there to show your encouragement for these two very brave people.

Distinguished District – Within Reachwithinreach

Will we be a Distinguished District by 30 June?  That really depends on our clubs.  One of the goals for our District to be Distinguished is achieving the membership goal.  Mid year renewals deadline was 1 April – when your club is asked to have all membership renewals in.

At 16 April we have 1,011 membership fees NOT paid.  You are a valued member, please make sure your club has sent in your renewals.  Please see the Lt. Governor Marketing report in this issue for more details.

It’s That Time of Year … When You Can Grow Your Career!!

April is an interesting time of year in Toastmasters – it’s when all clubs take nominations for the club officer roles for the Toastmaster year starting 1 July.  Elections are scheduled for the first meeting in May.  Stepping into a leadership role is a significant opportunity.  It offers you a chance to expand your leadership capacity in a safe and supportive environment.  At work we all aspire to progress our career. Often a promotion will require us to lead a team, to manage projects, to take a leadership role.

Grow-Your-Career-LogoTaking on a role, on the club executive or as an Area or Division Governor, gives you access to great management and leadership training, and the opportunity to test yourself in an environment where you are supported and you we can therefore stretch your wings and step into the unknown.  This learning can then be translated into the workforce.  This training and experience can be cited in a job interview or workplace review and the role be included in a resumé.  Being a Toastmaster earns a tick of approval from employers.  Having held a leadership position within Toastmasters gets a double tick.

Thank you District 69 – you are an awesome group to work with and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Convention.

Best regards and have a safe and happy Easter break!

Marilyn Freeman

District Governor 2013-14 District 69 Toastmasters.

District Governor’s greeting for 2014

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Happy New Year to All Members of District 69

2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse. People born in this year are clever, kind, animated and energetic. While they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented and love to be in the centre of a crowd. Horses are popular among friends, active at work and have a great sense of humour. They sound like Toastmasters to me!!

Chinese-New-Year-2014Interestingly, 2014 is the year of the Green Wood Horse. Wood Horses are strong and stable and have a better ability to make decisions. Excellent at interacting with others, they are successful personally and professionally. Definitely Toastmasters!

Regardless of when you were born, let’s all be a Wood Horses in 2014 – especially at Toastmasters. Let’s make great decisions for ourselves and our personal development.  When we continue to grow our confidence as speakers and leaders we will be successful-personally and professionally.

Let’s ensure that we also make great decisions for our Toastmasters clubs so they are also successful and professional: make 2014 the year of the Wood Horse Toastmaster club!

Another New Year tradition dating back to the ancient Babylonians and Romans is making new year resolutions, setting new goals. I propose that instead of setting new ones, we refocus on the goals we’ve already set. What goals did your Toastmasters club set?  Did you aim to complete a particular Toastmasters award?  Did your club aim for Distinguished? Or did they raise the bar and aim for Select or even President’s Distinguished?  Are you on track to achieve these goals?  “Are you there yet?”

1st July last year the district team set our goals, raising the bar”

District 69 will be Distinguished in 2014 with a focus on all clubs being strong clubs.

Like Clubs, District has to achieve certain goals to earn the title of Distinguished.  These criteria include:

  • the number of clubs in the district.
    By July 2014 we need a minimum of 200 clubs-currently we have 191
  • the number of membership payments made
    By July 2014 we need 7,773 membership payments made-currently we have 3,590
  • the number of clubs that are Distinguished
    By July 2014 we need at least 78 Distinguished clubs.

Immediately you’ll see how district can’t be Distinguished unless the clubs are Distinguished. And your club can’t be Distinguished unless your members, existing and new, are motivated and continue to grow their skills.

Your district team – Ian Pinker, Lt. Governor Education and Training and Chris Lennon, Lt Governor Marketing have some great ideas and ways that we can all work together to make your club and our District Distinguished!  Their reports are attached – please read them.

                                 District 69 – we are on a countdown.  Five months to go!                                                  

 Let’s show Toastmasters International that we have what it takes to be Distinguished!


Register Youth Leadership and Speechcraft courses

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Is your club running a Youth Leadership or Speechcraft course?

How many Youth Leadership and Speechcraft courses are conducted by clubs in District 69 each year?

The District Executive hopes to find out that number.

The District 69 Registrar is now compiling a list of Youth Leadership and Speechcraft courses completed by clubs in District 69 since 1 July 2012.

Please complete the registration form and email it to the District Registrar at