Bate at the heart of the G20

Phillip Bate DTM at the G20 in Brisbane.

Phillip Bate DTM at the G20 in Brisbane.


The G20 Summit provided Chelmer Speakers President Phillip Bate DTM who is a journalist in his other life outside of Toastmasters, with a wonderful opportunity to watch some of the world’s best communicators and/or politicians ‘strut their stuff’. Phillip was in the thick of it in the media room.

Phillip told the Corroboree Editor that “As a Media volunteer I also had the privilege to mingle with other volunteers including many impressive Gen Y ‘up and coming’ graduates and under-graduates in the arts/law field.”

 Phillip was impressed by how energetic, confident and outgoing they were. He said, “Why can’t they be like we were: inarticulate and imperfect in every way. Oh what’s the matter with kids today?”

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